Innova Super Stingray Review

The Super Stingray is a newer mid-range golf disc made by Innova. It is a fairly straight flyer (turn rating -1, fade 1) with excellent glide (5), and makes a great putter. This mid range is only available in Innova’s Champion (most durable, but more expensive) plastic, and comes in weights from 165 to 180 grams. The Stingray we’re testing is a heavy 180g.

Innova Super Stingray Mid Range Disc golf discThe Super Stingray is a good accurate mid range discs. In my test round using only this disc, the Super Stingray almost always went where I wanted it to go. It’s not a distance driver, and doesn’t have a lot of speed (Innova rating of 4), but with a good snap, I was able to throw it about 250-275 feet (not bad considering that my best back hand throws with distance drivers only go about 330 feet). My power throws saw some slight anhzyer turn, but this disc eventually leveled out and didn’t turn over on me.

I had a great test round with this disc and was able to shoot par thanks to decent approach shots and excellent putting. I didn’t miss a single putt with this disc, which is quite the accomplishment for me. I think the 180 gram weight helped out, I like heavy putters.

The one area where I struggled with the Super Stingray was overshooting my approach shots. This disc glides well, and I had several throws that overshot the basket. In our approach shot test throws from 150 feet the Super Stingray did not rank very well; compared with 41 other discs its median score ranked #27.

Sharp Edge of Super StingrayThe only real negative I have of the Innova Super Stingray is that the rim of this disc is really sharp. I didn’t notice it being uncomfortable for backhand throws, but as soon as I tried a few forehand shots, I felt the stinging wrath–perhaps thats why its called the Stingray. Unless you have skin of leather, this frisbee is not comfortable for forehand throws.

If you’re looking for a good straight flying mid range disc that won’t turn over on your power shots, you may want to consider the Innova Super Stingray, here are a few links to help you get one at the lowest possible price:

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