Understable Mid-Range Discs for Beginning Disc Golfers

If you are a new disc golf player, or you have a low-speed throwing motion, some of the best discs that you can use to effectively control your shot and keep the disc in the air are mid-range discs. New players often overlook the mid-range, considering it a “non vital” part of their initial¬†disc arsenal. …

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Discraft XS

The Discraft XS is a great disc, especially for beginners. It is a straight flying long range driver with a narrow wing length. If your score on a round of disc golf is an indicator of a good disc, then for me the XS is a great one. In a test using the XS as …

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Discraft vs Innova

In the world of disc golf, there are several major players. Innova is the biggest and most well known manufacturer of golf discs. A few years ago its patent expired, and as result several up and coming disc manufacturers such as Westside,¬† Latitude 64, Millennium, Vibram, and Ching have emerged with new plastics and technology. …

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