DGA Golf Discs

I just had my first experience testing DGA golf discs, and so far I’m not impressed.

DGA currently sells fourteen different golf discs: six drivers, three mid range, and five putters. They has five different types of plastic, but not all their discs are available in all the different plastic types. DGA’s high quality “SP Line” plastic is clear and durable like Discraft Z-Line.

The “Proline” plastic is the next grade DGA uses. Unfortunately, most of my test discs are in this plastic. This is the most slippery plastic used for disc golf frisbees. I really struggled throwing DGA discs in the proline plastic and they tended to slip out of my hand before the natural release point.

DGA also has a less expensive “D-Line” plastic for some of their discs. For throwing new discs, I liked this one much better. This plastic is like Discraft Pro-D, and is not very durable. After a throw into the fence, the damage to my Tsunami is very noticeable.

DGA also has a special RDGA, light weight plastic line designed for beginners. I haven’t tested any of these discs, but love the idea. For beginners and people who don’t have good throwing form, the right light weight disc can add a lot of distance and confidence. All of the regular weight drivers I tested were too over-stable for me to get max distance, and a lightweight one might have helped me get some more turn.

DGA Blowfly super flexible rubbery plasticThe last plastic blend DGA offers is found in their “Blowfly” putters. This is a super flexible, rubbery blend that makes for the softest golf discs on the market. If you want to fold your disc into a taco before you throw it, this is the disc for you. The Blowfly putters make the Millennium Omega Super Soft look hard. I love the feel of these putters, but am curious to see how they will perform in our putt and approach tests.

While I don’t like the feel of the DGA proline discs, I do like the bright colors they come in. The bright smooth look will undoubtedly save disc golfers time when it comes to searching for lost discs.

From my sample of DGA discs, I’m not a fan. DGA does sell some other great disc golf products, accessories, and apparel. I love my portable DGA-Mach 14 disc golf basket.