Best-Selling Disc Golf Putters of 2016

As we reach the end of 2016, a great disc golf year, it is time to take a look at the year’s top-selling putters. These sales figures are taken from the online retailer, INFINITE DISCS and the disc molds are ranked according to their total sales in all available plastic types.  You’ll see that some popular approach discs have made it onto the list this year, as professional players like Ricky Wysocki and Paul McBeth have helped to spike the popularity of discs like the Harp and the Nova. Here is a run-down of the top 30, in order from top to bottom:

  1. Dynamic Discs JUDGE
  2. Gateway WIZARD
  3. Innova AVIAR
  4. Westside HARP
  5. Discmania P2 “Psycho”
  6. Latitude 64 PURE
  7.  Dynamic Discs WARDEN
  8. Innova NOVA
  9. Latitude 64 DAGGER
  10. Discraft ZONE
  11. Axiom ENVY
  12. MVP ION
  13. Prodigy PA-4
  14. Prodigy PA-3
  16. MVP ATOM
  17. Innova COLT
  18. Latitude 64 MERCY
  19. Westside SHIELD
  20. Discraft ROACH
  21. Axiom PROXY
  22. Gateway VOODOO
  23. Prodigy PA-1
  24. Vibram RIDGE
  25. Innova RHYNO
  26. Innova DART
  27. Discraft CHALLENGER
  28. Discraft BANGER GT
  29. Kastaplast BERG
  30. Prodiscus JOKERI

Top-Selling Putters Charted:

Let’s see which putters jump to the top in 2017!  Certainly there will be some that are already enjoying huge momentum, like the Dagger and Harp, but there could be newcomers that start to gain some steam in the coming months. Putter trends can be somewhat volatile, and many players tend to change their putter preferences quickly as they search for the silver bullet that will give their putting game a much needed boost.

20 thoughts on “Best-Selling Disc Golf Putters of 2016

  1. None of the top 10 surprise me too much, except for the Nova. I know it’s a great disc, straight flyer, great for form, but I know one person who throws it… seems like I’d see it more.

      1. Aaron, I see tons of the pros using the Nova but I just do not see them that much here in MI. Obviously I will choose the data over empirical data, but still.

    1. Nova is a great driving putter that will stick when it hits. It’s a terrible actual putter imo

  2. I’m surprised the Latitude 64 Pure isn’t higher. I know a ton of people who use the Pure for both putting and approach shots.

  3. I was surprised to see the Challenger so far down on the list. Below the Dart… really? I would have expected it to be in the top ten.

  4. Where’s the Legacy putters they got some real good putters clutch, prowler, hunter, clozer

    1. There are a lot of good putters that aren’t in the top 30 in sales at Infinite Discs. Those Legacy putters would simply be further down the list in sales. The putter I’m currently using is way down there, just because not many people use it…yet. Still love it though.

  5. MVP Atom, with its trusty electron plastic, is top of my list for circle 1 and circle 2 putts. Second choice being the Axiom Envy for driving off the tee and long distance approach!

  6. The list isn’t what people throw it is what people buy. I’ve had 8 star aviars that I rotate and have had for 5 years but I buy a bunch of other putters to test them out for other spots in my bag.

    1. I hear you !! The 200, 300 and 350 all have nice texture but relatively stiff. My 400s are more flexible but sometimes skip out of the basket on longer putts. An RFF or Megasoft plastic would be great especially on the rocky, mountain-side courses I play on (Northern New Mexico).

  7. Glad the Roach made the list (even if it got that high ’cause I bought so many from Infinite Discs).

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