Innova Polecat

The Innova Polecat is a nice wide disc with a tall narrow rim. This putter is easy to grip and sticky. Personally, I like putters with a thicker rim. When I putt I use a fan grip and like a disc that has more substance to hold onto. To me the polecat feels flimsy. The Polecat is a putter, and not a bad one, but it’s not my personal favorite.

As an approach disc the polecat is a pretty accurate flyer. It is a super slow speed disc, but glides well. Despite its stable appearance, the Polecat actually has a little fade to it at the end of its flight. Compared with 41 other putt/approach discs we tested, the Polecat ranked #9 in terms of accuracy. From 150 feet we were able to make the Polecat land where we wanted it to.

Here’s the review of the polecat by Summit Sports:

Innova Polecat DX Disc Golf Putter

Innova Polecat DX Disc Golf PutterThe Polecat DX Disc Golf disc is perfect for the whole family. A beginner disc golf player, children and their parents can all benefit from this Innova disc golf putter and approach disc. When thrown, it flies straight. The Polecat also keeps a low profile, works well for pointing and shooting and it is easy to release. This putter is great for short drives and approaches. This disc is created with a wide edge so it can be used for turbo putting. So round up the family and try out the Polecat.