Innova “Classic” Roc

If you like classics, and you like Roc, you’ll love the Innova Roc putt and approach disc. The Classic Roc is a high speed putter (okay, no putters are actually high speeds, but it’s speed rating of 3 is a lot higher, and better for distance throws than is a disc like the Polecat.)

Not surprisingly, the Classic Roc feels a lot like the mid range Roc, it just has less speed, glide, and fade, making it better for shorter throws and putts.

As an approach disc, the Classic Roc performs better than most discs. In terms of accuracy it ranked #13 of 42 discs tested.

Innova Classic Roc DX Disc Golf Putter Innova Classic Roc DX Disc Golf PutterInnova Classic Roc DX Disc Golf Putter – For kids and players with small hands, the Classic Roc DX Putter and Approach is a wonderful disc. It is a disc by Innova that is a smooth straight flyer. It gives novices ‘center cut’ accuracy. Because of its smaller rim, newcomers to the game and children alike will be able to maintain better throws. The Classic Roc DX is versatile, reliable and also works well in the wind. Features: Good for small hands, Beginner friendly. Product ID: 186539

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