New Disc Releases for 2016 in Review

The 2016 year is coming to an end and it leaves in its wake a large number of new disc releases. Some will fade into the large and ever-growing tapestry of disc molds on the disc golf market. But a few will likely become hot sellers and regular “go-to” discs for many players, for years to come.  Some merely fill in the holes in the broad catalog of top brands, while others represent the flagship discs for new brands.  Let’s take a look at many of those new discs from the 2016 year and throw a little spotlight on the standout offerings. Discs are presented here with brief descriptions. After the run-down of releases, we’ll take a quick glance at top-sellers from the bunch as reported by Infinite Discs.

Defy by Axiom

The Defy is a straight-stable 21.5mm distance driver from Axiom Discs.  The Defy is straight with a nice bite of overstability at the end, and is best described as a heavily seasoned MVP Photon or a longer Axiom Crave.  Like the Crave the Defy exhibits remarkable resistance to turnover even at high power.


Thrill by Axiom

The Thrill is a 21.5mm distance driver. It is an excellent overstable work-horse disc. It will hold up in any head wind and will hold a hyzer line for big and small arms alike. The Thrill is meant to fill the gap between the Phase and the Photon.


Vanish by Axiom

The Vanish is a straight to understable disc depending on the thrower and wind conditions.  The Vanish’s stability profile places it near a threshold of being straight at low power or in tailwinds, and controllably understable at high power or in mild headwinds.  As a 21.5mm class GYRO™ driver, the Vanish is designed to hit a midpoint of stability between two MVP Disc Sports models, the Wave and Orbital.

Bighorn by Daredevil

This is a more firm version of Daredevil’s Polar Bear putter. It is perfect for very stable, straight putts, as well as being ideal for short to medium approach shots.


Great Horned Owl by Daredevil

It would be a wise consideration to start throwing the Great Horned Owl around the green. Dressed in High Performance Plastic and using Daredevil Discs’ popular and dependable putter mold, the Great Horned Owl comes to the course as a more rigid and fast, stable putter. This disc will brush off the wind as it flies true and confident.

Pipeline by DGA

The Pipeline is a precision control driver by Disc Golf Association (DGA). It can carry a line for a long distance with great glide, and can be used for controlled hyzer or anhyzer shots to make left and right turns, or it will fly straight down the pipeline with a gentle fade. It has a manageable 1.8cm rim that feels comfortable in the hand. The Pipeline is great for all players.

Sail by DGA

The Sail is an understable distance driver from DGA, meant to provide a wide range of players a disc with a wide array of possible uses. With a high glide rating, this driver will allow new players to increase their driving distance, as the Sail will remain aloft with lower speed drives. This disc is great for shots meant to end without fading back.


DDX by Discmania

The DDx from Discmania is a high speed distance driver that allows players to add distance to their throws. Meant to give flight paths between the DD and the DD2, this disc was highly anticipated in 2016 and quickly became one of the highlights of the year.


Thrasher by Discraft

The Thrasher is a distance driver from Discraft that is meant for fast, easy release for slower to average arm speeds. It is a very forgiving disc for new players. Experienced players can rip it for hyzer flips or anhyzer turns without the ugly rollover.


Undertaker by Discraft

The Discraft Undertaker is an overstable driver released in the summer of 2016. This disc will offer some turn in flight but will end up fading left when thrown right-handed backhand. The Undertaker will take on headwinds and offer a flight that can be utilized for forehand throws as well.

Defender by Dynamic Discs

Dynamic Discs’ Defender is a super-fast overstable driver with a big rim and big fade. A perfect middle ground between the Trespass and the Enforcer in terms of over-stability, this disc will allow big arms a long straight flight with a hard fade at the end, perfect for controlled distance shots and headwinds.


Emac Truth by Dynamic Discs

The EMac Truth is a slighly overstable mid range disc designed to offer a more stable flight than the regular Truth mid range driver. This version of the disc is Eric McCabe’s signature disc, and was designed to his specifications. This disc will hold any line you give it, and is often used as a very effective upshot driver. Offering a predictable fade but a long flight with its high glide, this disc holds true every time you throw it.

Gavel by Dynamic Discs

Joining the Breakout and the Proof in the Easy-to-Throw Line is the Gavel. If you like the Judge, the 2013 Disc of the Year, you will like the Gavel. With the same shape and bead as the Judge but a smaller profile and overall width, it fits great in smaller hands and has a very easy release. Beginners, and many seasoned players, will love this light weight, smaller rimmed option.

Marshal by Dynamic Discs

The Dynamic Discs Marshal is a stable putter that was released in the Trilogy Challenge player’s pack. It is a great addition to the Dynamic Disc line as a predictable and dependable short-range disc.


Proof by Dynamic Discs

Joining the Breakout and the Gavel in the Easy-to-Throw Line is the Proof. This disc feels very similar to the Warrant/Evidence, and is great for beginners. With a small rim, small profile, and light weight, this disc will zoom out of the hand. With its excellent glide, the lighter weights will not matter as this disc can really get out there quickly. For the seasoned player, this disc could definitely be used for turnover shots or when you need to back off of the power but still hold a good line.

Chromium by Element Discs

The Chromium straddles the line between a fairway driver and distance driver and is designed for very steady flight. It feels great in the hand and will work both as a beginners and experienced players.


Lithium by Element Discs

This stable mid-range disc has a shallow rim and flat flight plate. The unique convex rim feels wonderful in the hand and creates a quick-release effect when sending the disc into flight. The Lithium is a very versatile disc for advanced players. It provides players with surprising distance and a light fade upon approach. This disc responds well to turnover shots and can also hold a predictable line before releasing its light fade. Players with slower arms will find the Lithium easy to throw with it’s straight flying characteristics.

Plutonium by Element Discs

The Element Discs’ Plutonium is a versatile putter that holds the line it is put on. When thrown flat, the Plutonium will resist turn at high speeds but also has a slow gentle fade with a soft finish. No need to worry about skipping by the basket, as the Element Discs Plutonium sits down just like their first disc the Iridium. This disc is a little faster than most putters so it is perfect for those shots in between putter and mid. Also finds a place in the putting game with a subtle thumb track and slightly shallow rim with small bead, which some find more comfortable in the hand.

Radium by Element Discs

The Radium is an easily-tamed mid-range with the speed of a fairway driver.  This workhorse disc is ready to take it’s place in the bag of any disc golfer, both novice and experienced, as a perfect upshot option. The inner rim is smooth and comfortable, sliding off the fingers with ease and accuracy.


Uranium by Element Discs

The Element Uranium is a stable approach mid-range disc that is a perfect complement to the Element Lithium.  When thrown hard, it flies straight with a flat landing. It will hold the line at high speeds, but will have the same predictable stability at lower speeds, making it great for flex shots.  It is a great head wind disc that fights the turn and still has that reliable finish. The profile feels amazing in the hand for both forehand and backhand.  It is perfect for overstable approach shots when you need a predictable fade.

Navigator by Full Turn

The Navigator is a easy-to-throw, slightly overstable mid-range disc to navigate your way to the basket.  It is comfortable to throw, and ready for deployment at any moment.


Passport by Full Turn

he Passport is the document you must present to reach your final destination, and this introductory putter from Full Turn Discs is your passport to the basket as you complete each hole.  It’s a slightly understable putter designed to be thrown easily and accurately.


Traveler by Full Turn

The Traveler is an overstable driver made by Full Turn. They describe The Traveler in their own words, “No path ahead is too daunting for the Traveler. Word about the first disc in the Full Turn line is traveling quickly and should be an important piece in your bag. This overstable distance driver will lead you to the fairway with great accuracy and ease. All great Travelers plan ahead and know their route; you should too by adding this disc to your next itinerary. Travel on.”

Colossus by Innova

The Colossus is the first Innova driver in the speed 14 category. This ultra fast distance driver has potential to provide even more distance for those with big arms, but is understable enough that it can be handled by the masses.


Commander by Innova

The Commander is a large diameter mid-range disc with a max weight of 180 grams. This disc is designed as a stable / overstable short-range flyer with a slow fade throughout the flight. The Commander is perfect as a disc for power players and windy play, or for use when maneuvering around obstacles and hazards.


Mirage by Innova

Innova’s Mirage is a low profile putter that can be used for a variety of shots. New players will find the minimal fade and straight to turning flight makes this a great putter for beginner disc golfers, while more experienced throwers can use the disc as a roller or for turnover shots.

Shryke by Innova

The Shryke is an easy-to-throw, distance driver that works wonderfully for a wide variety of players. A mild high-speed turn will put the Shryke in glide mode, which along with its high, aerodynamic speed, will give it incredible distance. The low-speed fade is mild and manageable, which makes it easy to keep on the fairway. The Shryke is similar to the popular Tern, but faster and more stable for higher speeds.

Stud by Innova

The Stud is the Studly brother of the Colt but with some added stability. This means the Stud will handle the wind better and hold flight characteristics longer. The Stud is equally at home driving, approaching or putting in windy or calm conditions.



Grym X by Kastaplast

The Grym X is a stable distance driver with an X-tremely well balanced combination of glide and accuracy. Much like Wario is the beefier cousin to Mario, the Grym X is the beefy cousin to the popular Grym driver. Use the Grym X to fly down the fairway with peace of mind, knowing that your disc will end up where you want it to.


Compass by Latitude 64

Navigate your way on the fairway with this midrange from Latitude 64. This straight flyer will go wherever you want. It holds any line in the most predictable way. Not thin, not deep so this disc will fit in any hand. This stable and versatile midrange has been developed in cooperation with world class player Ricky Wysocki.


Culverin by Latitude 64

Fire away with this overstable control driver. For the advance player the first part of the flight will be straight and it will finish with a dependable fade. Culverine will be the perfect choice for long s-curves when you want to finish with a strong fade.


Cutlass by Latitude 64

The Cutlass is Latitude 64’s new cutting edge distance driver. With good speed, good glide, and a predictable fade, it will be a sharp weapon on the disc golf course. For beginners, it will be very overstable thus a great disc to fight the wind. For players with more arm speed, this disc will be a fast, stable, and trustworthy driver – an anchor in any disc golf bag.

Falchion by Latitude 64

Do you face scary fairways where you need perfect accuracy and a good amount of distance? Cut through the air with Falchion! For drives around 300 ft it will hold a soft anhyzer and slowly fight its way back to a small fade. When you need a disc to slice thru the tight fairway Falchion is an excellent choice of weapon.  This disc is a great step up for beginners who have gained drive power and think that discs like Diamond, Jade and Fury are too understable.

Knight by Latitude 64

When speed is of the essence the Knight will ride with haste. This high speed driver features one of the widest rims yet on a golf disc. The Knight is extremely fast but also has great glide considering the wide rim, so this disc can ride out for long distances. For drives around 330 ft it will be slightly understable and compared to Ballista the Knight is just a bit more understable.

Enemy by Legacy Discs

The Enemy is a highly anticipated Fairway Driver from Legacy Discs! This Overstable disc will cut through the wind and get you where you need to go! It was designed with comfort in mind, and a deeper rim to give you maximum torque!


Aquarius by Millenium

The Millennium Standard Aquarius is a speed 10 understable long-range driver that floats in water. Designed to be beginner-friendly, it gives golfers confidence to clear long-range water hazards with control. It is made of an extra stiff and grippy Millennium plastic in weights 156-158. Low-power arms get increased distance due to its speed and high glide. More powerful arms will love the range it covers. When released level it has a long curved flight path. When released with a hyzer, it stands up and flies with a more stable line and fade finish. The Aquarius will out-drive other floating discs.

Catalyst by MVP

he Catalyst can bring huge distance to advanced and beginner players alike, as it remains consistent even when thrown with less power. The Catalyst is more stable than the Orbital, but still an understable disc. Big arms will be able to control rollers and sky anhyzers. Less powerful arms will get great distance with the Catalyst’s glide and understability.

Energy by MVP

The Energy is another in MVP’s series of 23mm high speed discs. It is the most overstable of the group. It will take energy to put this beast down the field- it is designed to fight wind and maintain maximum glide. This disc will be an overstable bomber for the big arms out there!


Matrix by MVP

The Matrix is the most overstable GYRO™ midrange to date, designed from overwhelming demand by loytal MVP disc fans. It is a fast and smooth large-diameter midrange driver with responsive overstable flight for a broad power spectrum. This was the mid-range disc released for the 2016 MVP Circuit.

Nitro by MVP

he MVP Nitro is a stable-overstable distance driver from the new high speed 23mm class.  Nitro falls in the general stability lineage of Servo, Volt, Tesla, and Photon, with a turn-resistant profile that covers ground and guarantees a fade finish.  Average throwers may need lighter weights or headwinds to achieve what little turn is offered by Nitro, while power throwers will find a workable and responsive shallow turn.

Octane by MVP

The MVP Octane is a stable-understable distance driver from the new high speed 23mm class.  Octane falls in the general stability lineage of Switch, Amp, Inertia, and Wave, with a slight-turn profile that holds long and straight until its fade finish.  The 23mm Octane is designed to be relatively less understable than its 21.5mm counterpart Wave. Average throwers should see straight flights with fade, while power throwers will be able to hyzerflip for max distance and tailwind lines.

Signal by MVP

The MVP Signal is an understable fairway driver released in the 2016 MVP Circuit. Like the infamous Innova Leopard, this disc is meant to allow players to shape fairway shots, or throw lower speed turnover shots.


Andro C by Ozone Discs

The Andro C is a straight flying stable hybrid (6, 4 ,-1, 2) designed to bridge the gap between your mid-range and fairway driver. The wing of the disc is shaped like a control driver for higher distance potential and greater speed, while the larger diameter and the medium rim depth allow for the superior control of a mid-range disc.

Habit by Plastic Addicts

Disc golfers have an addiction to plastic, or maybe you could say it’s a Habit. Whatever it is, fill your cravings with the newest release from Plastic Addicts the Habit. The Habit is a stable putter with the glide and range of a mid-range that will always give you the straight flight you’re looking for. If you’re looking for a dependable straight flying putter, look no further than the Habit from Plastic Addicts.

Intervention by Plastic Addicts

Every plastic addict needs an “Intervention”. The Intervention is an over stable distance driver that will fly true in any wind and is a great utility disc. The Intervention is the first release of many to come from Plastic Addicts. If you’re a fan of predictability look no further, the Intervention will always give you the strong fade you’re looking for. We believe after having the Intervention you will all agree It would be best to stay in denial.

A3 by Prodigy

The A3 is an overstable utility disc that fills the gap between midranges and putters. The A3 is perfect for strong to above average throwers who want to avoid the possibility of their shot turning over. The disc is consistent and reliable in all wind conditions and perfect for short, trick shots as well as high wind approach shots. The A3, like the A1 is beaded.


A4 by Prodigy

The A4 is a slightly overstable disc that fills the distance gap between midranges and putters and is designed for all skill levels. The disc is consistent and reliable in moderate wind conditions and perfect for short approach shots. It works equally as well for backhand or sidearm throwers. The A4, like the A3 has a bead on the rim. You can expect it to fly slightly less stable than the A3 with an extra 40-50 feet in distance.

D6 by Prodigy

The D6 is a high speed, understable driver. It is designed for players of all levels for maximum distance. The D6 will flip up when thrown hard, turn towards the understable side, then go into an extremely long glide, with a gentle fade at the end. The D6 is also a great disc for long, controlled rollers.

Tyrant by Reptilian Disc Golf

The Tyrant is a manageably overstable control driver with a very flat top, perfect for either backhand or for forehand throwers. The Tyrant will get you where you need to go on your fairway upshots, managing those curves and obstacles without mercy.


Onyx by Vibram

The Onyx is an easy to throw fairway driver from Vibram. Much like the beloved Diamond from Latitude 64 this disc offers beginners a high glide rating and a minimal fade rating that will allow for new distances to be reached. New players will find the Onyx to fly with straight with perhaps some slight turn, and need not worry about a hard left fade throwing right handed back hand throws.

Catapult by Westside

Westside Discs’ Catapult is a super-high speed driver that offers big arm throwers a predictable fade at the end of a long straight drive. With a glide rating of 5, this disc becomes a versatile bomber perfect for launching over or around any obstacle. Westside describes it as “Fast with enough stability to really handle a full power throw.” Add the Catapult to your bag for another weapon in your arsenal.

Destiny by Westside

Westside Discs’ Destiny is an understable super-high speed driver. Two things are undeniable about this disc – speed and glide. This beauty really gets out there. For the higher arm speeds, a powered down throw will still get out to great distances. For the lower arm speeds, this will be your long range bomber. Everyone can find a way to throw the Destiny. You will just have to walk a long way to go pick it up.

Longbowman by Westside

The Westside Longbowman is a consistent stable control driver. Just like the longbow changed warfare in medieval times, the Longbowman disc will elevate your game to new heights. This disc is designed to help you throw farther with less effort than you’d expect from a fairway driver, and help you fly past your current abilities.


Queen by Westside

The Queen is an understable, high-speed, distance driver companion to the Westside King. With an understable pull upon release and a gentle fade at the end of flight, it is designed to be a user-friendly high-speed driver even for players without a lot of experience.


Sling by Westside

The Westside Discs Sling is the midrange disc of the 2016 Trilogy Challenge. The disc was released initially in Tournament plastic and later in the year in VIP plastic. It is a very straight flyer, leaning to the slightly understable side.  It will hold any line you put it on, which makes it a great all purpose disc!



According to the popular online disc seller, Infinite Discs, these are the top 5 selling discs from the list of new 2016 releases, as of the 2nd week in December:

NUMBER ONE = Discmania DDX

NUMBER TWO = Westside Destiny

NUMBER THREE = Innova Colossus

NUMBER FOUR = Latitude 64 Compass

NUMBER FIVE = Dynamic Discs Emac Truth


MVP Catalyst

Discraft Undertaker

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  1. I would like the Vibram Onyx. It looks like my kind of disc and it would give me an excuse to try Vibram.

  2. Innova Commander as it sounds like the perfect blend of a Gator and Roc3, plus it will take the shorter FireBird type shots and OS fairway duties.

  3. Id like to say the Knight…..but I only threw it twice before I lost it in the Mulligans ponds. I was hoping for it to be a little less understable than the King. And I think it was, even thought it was a short lived test. HOWEVER, after reading this article, I think I HAVE to try the DDX, and maybe the Great Horned Owl.

  4. Man, It’s a real toss up between the Catapult and Destiny. If I really had to choose I would go destiny because I lost my last one!

  5. The Dynamic Discs Defender and EMac Truth would be my pics for this year. I have been throwing the Truth for some time and it has always been my go to mid. I would love to try the EMac Truth! I have also heard very good things about the Defender and would love e to try that too!! Cheers from Canada!

    1. I would like the Defender by Dynamic Discs. I appreciate this opportunity. The Emac Truth would be fun as well. The disc I would really like is a blue
      classic soft Truth by Dynamic Discs.

  6. I have bought a few new discs this year, but the one that’s stayed in my bag since I got it is the Dynamic Discs Gavel. It’s a nice understable putter that generally goes super straight with just a little fade at the end. I have tried many different putters and this one just feels good in my uh, smaller hands. =)

  7. I would love to get a new MVP Matrix. I loved the one I got from the MVP Circuit…until I lost it a week ago.

  8. I would absolutely love to check out the Vibram Onyx, Vibram is one of my favorite manufacturers and I’m sure I’d love this disc!

  9. I would like to try the DDX, but in a lighter weight. I’ve got one that is 175, which is too heavy for me.

  10. I have the Thrill and the Destiny on this list and I love them both! If I had a chance to get a Westside Queen, that would be my choice. I need to beef up my backhand and this disc would be a great way to get the extra distance and still work on my form.

  11. I would love to try the Westside Queen! A buddy has it and I have thrown it a few times, great shot shaper!

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