Innova Mako

The Innova Mako is a wide diameter mid range disc comparable with the Discraft Buzz. It is a super straight flying disc with excellent glide. The Mako is only available in Star or Champion plastic. This disc will hold its line well, and works well for hyzer and anhyzer shots. It’s also a pretty accurate flying disc, in our tests, the Mako ranked in the top ten for accuracy from 150 feet.

Here is a review by Summit Sports:

Innova Mako Star Disc Golf Midrange Disc

The Mako Star is a straight-flying disc with a large diameter. Created by Innova, it allows disc golfers to achieve a nice glide and speed. It performs well as it can take on and the angle of release. Even the turnover shots are nice. They stay turned over and the hyzer shots stay hyzer. It has the flight characteristics of a putter, with the glide and speed of a mid-range disc. If you are playing on a narrow fairway and trying to thread your disc through the forest the Mako Star could be your ticket to a win!

One thought on “Innova Mako

  1. When it has to be a straight line, better grab the Mako. Really, and excellent disc. Some complain that it is not as predictable as other midrange discs, and I would agree, but once you get used to it, it will live in your bag always.

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