Millennium Sentinel Review

The Millennium Sentinel is one of just three mid range discs that Millennium makes. Most mid range discs are made to fly straight, but not the Sentinel. It’s actually called a “Midrange Fade Driver.” I find this a little bit ironic, as all of the Millennium drivers I’m testing: Astra, Polaris, and JLS, are very straight flyers.

Despite the fact that this mid range disc does have substantial fade at the end of its flight, it’s a pretty accurate flying disc as long as you account for the fade. In our accuracy tests from 150 feet, the Sentinel ranked #2 of 42 putt/mid range discs in terms of landing closest to the pin.

Millennium Sentinel Midrange Fade Driver

When I drive the Sentinel, I’m actually able to get good distance. I haven’t done any measured throws with it yet, but from my rounds using this disc the Sentinel doesn’t land much shorter than my throws with distance drivers. For a midrange disc, the Sentinel has some pretty good glide.

While the Sentinel makes a good approach disc, and a fair driver, it’s not a good only disc for a round of disc golf. The fade of this disc makes it very difficult in those instances where you want a straight throw or turnover shot. While I didn’t miss any really short putts with it, I had a really hard time with putts from 15-30 feet. For those instances where you want your throws to curve right (for right handed back hand throwers), this disc is tough to deal with. Normally when I want my disc to curve right, I throw forehand. The Sentinel has a very thin rim (wing length), and I struggle keeping this disc level with sidearm throws (Kirk didn’t seem to have a problems with his forehand throwing technique with this disc). I had one throw on the edge of a cliff where I kept it low and thought I was safe, but after skipping on the ground the fade still overcame and I had to do some hiking.

The Sentinel I’m testing comes in Millenniums Sirius plastic, which might just be my most favorite golf disc plastic. This plastic is soft, grippy but not too sticky, and very durable. It’s also available in the quantum plastic. If you’re looking for an accurate mid range disc with some fade, I’d recommend the Sentinel.

Have you, or do you throw a Sentinel? How would you rate it, and what do you like or dislike from this disc?