Innova Gator Review

The Innova Gator is a sticky, mid range disc with a speed rating of (5), almost no glide (2), and a fairly strong fade (3).  It has a sturdy feel, a thick solid rim, is my favorite disc for mid range shots between 50-125 feet where I just want to get close to the pin. In disc golf, driving isn’t everything. If you have an accurate second shot that puts you close to the basket, you can par almost anything. The gator helps set me up for easy putts. The fact that the Gator doesn’t have much glide helps prevent it from getting caught in the wind and overshooting the basket.

The distance it goes varies almost entirely on how hard you throw it, and its “stickiness” gives it the ability to stop as soon as it hits the ground. When I throw the gator I throw it with a heavy hyzer angle, and aim just right of the basket. When it lands it usually roles left about 5 feet and puts me right where I want to be. The heavy fade also makes it a good frisbee for curving left around trees or other obstacles.

The super sticky gator I use comes in the inexpensive DX plastic. The Gator also comes in Star plastic, which probably reduces some of the stickiness, but makes it stronger and more durable.

The Gator is a great disc if you get more results from huckability than technique, and if you’re playing disc golf on a windy day.

For what I use the Gator for, I can’t see a reason why I would need a higher quality plastic. The thick rim of the gator makes it much more durable than most other DX plastic discs. The price of the DX plastic Gator is so cheap, you might as well just by two of them instead of one Star.

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