Best Overstable Distance Drivers

Overstable drivers are must haves for power throwers. Disc golfers with huge arms are able to get more distance with these discs than any other drivers. Overstable discs also generally work better for forehand throws and shots where you need a big fade. So what are the best overstable distance drivers?

According to reviewers at, here are the best overstable distance drivers that received the highest ratings (1-5).

Innova Wraith – The Wraith is an extremely popular disc for both backhand and forehand throws. This speed 11 driver Innova Wraith - Top Rated Overstable Driveroffers a degree of turn, reliable fade, and excellent control. From 11 votes, this disc has an average rating of 4.64.

Rakoz says:

If you have mastered basic form on sidearm and find yourself looking for a faster disc I highly recommend the wraith. It has been my go to controlled sidearm driver since release and no matter what “new and shiny” disc comes out I keep going back to the wraith. Good sidearm and backhand so it is versatile.

Westside Sword – The Sword is a speed 12 driver that resists turn, but doesn’t have a monster fade. Players like this disc Westside Swordbecause the rim isn’t “too wide” and it is stable, but not too overstable. From eight votes, the Sword has a rating of 4.63.

Kyle Stauffer says:

This is a great workhouse control driver! I’d described it as being extremely stable, but not overstable. In other words, I find it to have very little turn when flown flat. For me it flies lazer straight for about 350′ before finishing with a strong predictable fade. The tournament plastic is the best on the market right now – grippy and insanely durable.

Discraft Surge – The flight pattern of the Surge is very similar to the Wraith, and so are the rankings. Most players who use Discraft Surgethe Surge say this disc is a must have. From 7 votes, this disc has a rating of 4.57.

Kyle New says:

Everyone has that one disc that they absolutely love, whether it’s a putter, mid, fairway or driver. The surge however…. Is mine! There is no disc that I feel more comfortable with in my bag. This thing is everything I want in a driver. New ones are overstable, broken in ones are a little bit flippy, and beat in ones are really flippy. I prefer the ESP, but I do own a Z as well. I carry 5 in my bag. 1 173g Z for wind fighting and hyzers, 1 164g slightly broken in ESP for bombs, 1 173g new ESP as a back-up, 1 173g really beat up NateDoss ESP for my long turnovers, rollers, long anhyzers, and upshots, and finally my 173g mildly beat in ESP for all drives that need to be straight or even slight turnover. I can’t stress enough, how much I love this disc. I own 8 of em, 5 are in the bag, 3 are waiting for a place in my bag. I will get another Z one soon so I can have a back up Z.

Discraft Flick – When it comes to super overstable drivers, the Flick reigns supreme.  The Flick is a super flat disc that can Discraft Flickhandle hurricane strength winds. This disc is perfect for sharp dogleg shots. From 8 votes, the Flick has a rating of 4.5.

Dan H. says:

I don’t know what I would have done in a lot of situations without a Flick. Probably the most reliable driver in a headwind and for forehand shots. I have had several aces with them. I don’t think there are any other discs out there that can compare to it’s combination of overstability and speed. They are excellent for sharp doglegs.

Innova Destroyer – This speed 12 go to driver is the max distance choice for many disc golfers.  With a slight turn and Innova Destroyerminimum fade, the Destroyer provides results. From 14 votes, the Destroyer has a rating of 4.43.

Bryson James Says:

This is by far my favorite and one of the best overstable distance drivers. I use a Champion Destroyer for Fore Hand max distance and Star Destroyers for Back Hand max distance. The rim of this disc is what makes is so awesome because it is so comfortable. If you have the muscle (over 400ft power) this is a must have disc. And this is also my first Ace disc!

2 thoughts on “Best Overstable Distance Drivers

  1. Discmania’s PD2 in C-line plastic is a must have. It is an amazing disc, especially into a head wind. I can get a 375-400′ hyzer out of it, and trust it to fade consistently throw after throw.

  2. Champion monster is more overstable than a firebird…. Stupid overstable I love it…. Paul Mcbeth now is carrying one

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