Discraft Flash For Beginners & Intermediate Players

Discraft Flash

Discraft Flash: Maximum Distance Driver

The Discraft Flash is moderately stable, (1.5 rating) and we can tell from our initial tests that it has excellent glide to give you the distance you’re looking for.

In the future we will perform many additional tests, but from our initial round of distance testing, this is clearly a good disc for forehand distance drives for beginners.

Distance Testing Results

The Flash that we used is in the “Z” plastic, which is very comparable to the Innova “Champion” plastic. It took me a few throws to get used to it, two of my first three throws struggled and went less than 200 feet. After that my next six throws went at least 270 feet.

After another round of Forehand Distance testing this morning, it emerged as our #1 disc for Forehand distance throws. From the 20 test throws we did with this disc, it is currently the number one ranked disc in terms of distance using all the Innova Discs we’ve tested, as well as the other Discraft discs. Right now it has the highest median and average score for the test throws done by both Kirk and myself. Kirks median distance was 268 feet, my median distance was 275. Kirks longest throw went 310 feet, and I had two throws above 300.

Discraft Flash: Accuracy Testing Results

To this point we do not have complete data to publish any accuracy results.

Discraft Flash: Turn Rating Results

To this point we do not have complete data to publish any turn/fade results.