Innova “Beast”

The Innova Beast is a steady driver with very consistent results. If you are looking for a fast disc which won’t immediately fade out on you, the Beast is a great choice. Developing and intermediate players may find that they are able to get more distance with the Beast than faster high speed distance drivers. This is an excellent driver for navigating around obstacles. It is a fun and dependable disc.

Innova Champoin Dyed Beast

The Beast is a medium speed distance driver (10) with high glide (5) good turn (-2) and moderate fade (2). Because of the fade with the Beast, it is best to get the disc a slight anhyzer when going for distance – as it will fade slightly with the tilt which you sent the disc at, but then gradually come the opposite direction. This allows you to maximize the flight time of The Beast.

Backhand throws with the Innova Beast: I don’t see much difference with it between my Valkyrie and Viking.

Forehand throws with the Innova Beast: This disc leaves your hand comfortably and has a nice flight pattern that turns left and then levels at the end with a slight fade. I am able to get more distance with my forehand throws, and use the beast when I want my disc to curve left, but need more distance than I would with a backhand throw.

The Innova Beast is the only speed 10 driver that comes in all the different Innova plastics. It also comes in several different weights. I find I am able to throw my Champion plastic beast much better than my DX plastic Beast. I’m not sure if it’s actually the type of plastic that makes a difference, or if it’s the weight of the different discs.

Get The Innova Beast for The Best Price

Here are some links that will allow you to buy the Beast for the cheapest price. Being that it comes in the cheap DX plastic, you can buy it online for less than $8. It’s hard to find a distance driver for a price cheaper than that. If you’re looking for a driver that will give you durability and a longer life, consider Champion, and Star Beasts as well.