Innova Valkyrie

Innova Valkyrie Driver

The Innova Valkyrie once set the world record for distance. I don’t quite understand why this disc was able to go farther than any other disc, being that it isn’t the fastest (Speed Rating of 9), and doesn’t have the most glide (Glide of just 4). I’m guessing that it set the world record simply because the guy who threw it happened to have the throw of his life combined with the right combination of wind gusts. The Valkarie has a mild turn (-2) and a mild fade (2).

Nevertheless, the Valkaryie is another good driver created by Innova, and excellent for beginners. The fault I have with it is that when I make forehand throws, it tends to come out of my hand un-level, turns over, and drifts to the left. The Valkyrie is just too understable for me to consistently throw forehand. When I’m throwing it on a flat, level field this isn’t a big problem, as the disc usually gets a lot of extra distance rolling. When I throw this way on the side of a cliff though, this becomes a absolutely horrible throw. I lost a Valkarie because of this issue. Now this doesn’t mean it’s a fault of the disc, this disc just doesn’t always fly level from my hand, with the way I grip it.

The big advantage of the Valkyries under-stableness comes into play with backhand throws. With backhand throws I don’t get nearly as much snap and so rather than turning into a roller, for me it helps it turn just a little bit into a nice S-Curve that leads to maximum distance. I’ve tried the Valkyrie in all four major plastics, but my favorite for backhand throws is Pro plastic. This plastic is the gripiest of them all and helps me to get a nice healthy snap on my throw.

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