Best-Selling Disc Golf Mid-Ranges of 2016

With few exceptions, like the Discraft Buzzz or Innova Roc3, the top-selling mid-range discs don’t rank anywhere near the top-selling putters or drivers in terms of sales.  Yet their necessity and utility on the disc golf course can’t be understated. There are few discs that can have as much versatility and that can fly as predictably in the short game as mid-range discs.

These are the 30 top-selling mid-range discs of 2016 at the online seller, Infinite Discs. It should be noted that Infinite Discs ships disc orders all over the USA and beyond, so the sales figure, while certainly not representative of the entire disc golf market, can act to measure disc popularity based on sales to a wide player demographic.  The sales through the local shop are discounted in these ranking results.

Also, when looking at the top ten on the chart below, you will notice that after the first few discs at the top of the sales rank, the others drop precipitously. In other words, a mid-range like the Buzzz actually sales more than 10 times as much as any single disc in places 25-30.  Here is the ranking of the top 30 from top to bottom:

  1. Discraft BUZZZ
  2. Innova ROC3
  3. Innova ROC
  4. Innova MAKO3
  5. Discmania MD3
  6. Latitude 64 COMPASS
  7. Discraft BUZZZ OS
  8. Dynamic Discs EMAC TRUTH
  9. Discraft COMET
  10. Dynamic Discs VERDICT
  11. Discraft BUZZZ SS
  12. Dynamic Discs JUSTICE
  13. Latitude 64 FUSE
  14. Innova GATOR
  15. Latitude 64 CLAYMORE
  16. Prodigy M4
  17. Westside WARSHIP
  18. Innova FOXBAT
  19. MVP AXIS
  20. Vibram IBEX
  22. Innova ATLAS
  23. Westside TURSAS
  24. Discraft METEOR
  25. Discraft STRATUS
  26. Discraft BUZZZ GT
  27. Axiom THEORY
  28. Innova MAKO
  29. Innova SHARK
  30. Innova STRINGRAY

Top 30 Best-Selling Mid-Ranges Charted

With a big difference between the top-selling mid-range discs and all the rest, it will be interesting to see if more models can fight their way into the top of the ranks in 2017.  Newcomers can certainly make a splash, like the EMac Truth did in 2016, managing to jump into the top 10 of the year as a new release.

3 thoughts on “Best-Selling Disc Golf Mid-Ranges of 2016

  1. I’m surprised to see the Stratus on here. I consider it a tweener, closer to fairway driver. Pretty cool it made the top 30 though, for an older mold.

  2. I be rockin’ the Ibex and Mako3. Would like to get my hands on one of Vibram’s new Launch mid-range disc.

  3. Real shame to not see the Ghost or Gauge on here at all. I’ve gotten rid of all my Buzzzs in favor of the Gauge. That mid is amazing and deserves so much more love than it gets.

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