Innova Hydra

Innova Hydra - Floating Disc Golf PutterThe Hydra is a unique putter made by Innova. This is a thick, bulky disc that gives you some substance to hold onto. This is a great short range putter and a very accurate approach disc. The main difference between the Hydra and other Innova putters is that this disc floats in water.

If you play disc golf on courses with baskets near bodies of water, this disc is a must have. Just knowing you won’t risk losing your disc on an approach shot or long putt will provide you with a mental edge that will help lower your score.

The floating ability isn’t the only advantage the Hydra provides. From our test throws the Hydra ranked as the #5 disc for 150ft approach shots, and is one of the higher ranked discs for short putt accuracy. The Hydra is one of only two discs that I was perfect with during my second set of 15ft attempts.

The super stiff Hydra is available in Innova’s Pro plastic. This is the second least expensive plastic model Innova makes, so Hydras are a fairly inexpensive putters. The Hydra weighs 175g, and is slightly overstable. Innova rates this disc as a 3/3/0/2.

If you like stiff, solid putters, you’ll love the Hydra. Here are a few links to help you purchase this fine Innova disc for the best possible price:

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