Innova “Kite” Review

Innova Kite Frisbee Golf Disc

The Innova Kite is one of my favorite discs that offers a great grip. My Kite is DX plastic, and I’m able to get some pretty good distance on my throws with it. In turns of glide, Innova rates this disc a 6, the highest glide rating available. The strong glide is probably the reason I’m able to get so much distance, despite its low speed (5).

To me the kite feels more like a fairway driver with grip of a good putter. Sometimes when it’s the last disc that I threw, I simply putt it in rather than use my putter. The Kite has a strong turn rating (-3) and minimal fade (1). These specs allow the Kite to to handle anhyzer throws, and I use the Kite whenever I’m making a short anhyzer throw. This is a great disc for beginners.

2 thoughts on “Innova “Kite” Review

  1. I found the kite looking for a disc to get my kids interested in DG. After spending about 10 minutes with it, my (small for his age) 12-yr-old could throw 130 ft. I was also surprised by how much *I* like the disc. It’s just easy to throw.

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