Innova Viking Review

The Innova Viking is a medium speed (9) distance driver very comparable to the Valkyrie, but with slightly less turn (-1). I’ve tested Vikings in both the DX and Champion plastics.

For beginners and intermediate players, our test show that the Innova Viking blows any other disc out of the water. While our testing is still in the early stages, indications are strong that this disc is overall the furthest flyer with consistency for forehand throws for new players. On average all combined throws have gone 217 ft; our Innova Viking throws soar another 49 feet past the other discs to end at an average of 266 feet.

My tests with the DX plastic didn’t last very long however, as I had a “sticky” forehand release that caused my frisbee to fly into an abyss with no return. That may not actually be the fault of the Viking, as it is a common error I have when throwing DX plastic discs forehand.

Buy the Innova Viking

The Viking is available at for $7.99 in DX Plastic and $13.47 in durable Champion.