10 Best-Selling Distance Drivers (2015 – 2016)

It is time to look back at the last year, from June of 2015 to June of 2016 and see which Distance Drivers were the top sellers.  This ranking is based on discs sold through the InfiniteDiscs.com online store and does not take into account the sales through other retailers, but it does give a very nice overview of general disc popularity for that time period. Some discs will get a spurt in sales because they are new, and the longer-term sales figures will bare out whether or not those discs had long-term popularity.

In this ranking, the discs were separated in number of sales not only by disc model, but also by plastic type. Thus, a Destroyer in Star plastic would be ranked separately from a Destroyer in Champion plastic, etc. This should also help cast light on the more popular plastics for certain discs.  So, without further ado, here is where the discs fell in the ranks:

#1  Star DESTROYER by Innova

It is probably no surprise to most players that the Destroyer on Star plastic is the top-selling distance driver. It has a great reputation, is used by well-known professionals, and has momentum and recognition. On top of that, it is indeed a great driver for amateur and competitive players. The Destroyer sells well in other plastics, but does not enter the chart again until #16 in Blizzard plastic.

#2 Pinnacle OUTLAW by Legacy

The Outlaw is one of those discs that enjoyed a large number of orders in a short period of time, jumping it all the way to the number two spot. It is indeed a popular new distance driver, and the sales in Pinnacle plastic were boosted by a slew of limited edition stamps, appealing highly to Legacy fans and disc collectors. If you’re going to bomb a disc out there with flight ratings nearly identical to a Destroyer, then you might as well make it a sexy, collectible disc that is just as fun to hang on your wall as to put into your bag.

#3 Gold Line SAINT by Latitude 64

The Saint is on the slower side of the spectrum for a distance driver, at a “speed 9” crossing over into the realm of fairway driver. But it is a very popular and dependable driver that sells consistently, working wonderfully for players at all skill levels. It is no wonder that the Saint shows up in the top 10 twice!

#4 Neutron INTERTIA by MVP

MVP has been picking up steam lately with increasingly popular tournament events and a solid line of discs that model their unique GYRO™ Overmold Technology. The ultra-durable rims are chemically bonded to the inside plastic, giving the discs an instantly recognizable identity.  The Inertia is about a “speed 11” and considered a straight-shooting driver for long, S-curve flights.

#5 Neutron WAVE by MVP

In the number 5 spot, right after its little brother, the Wave distance driver is a higher speed disc, rated at “speed 12” while also being moderately stable. Many players consider the Wave to be a great forehand driver and find it easier to control than some other distance drivers on the market.

#6 Opto SAINT by Latitude 64

Claiming a second spot in the top 10, the Saint appears again at number six in Opto plastic, showing how popular this disc has been during the last year as a go-to disc for players at all levels. Again, it could be called a fairyway diver rather than a distance driver, but fits the bill well for both.

#7 Fission PHOTON by MVP

The Photon is a distance driver with a very flat profile and a solid, overstable flight path. Like some of the other MVP drivers, it is popular for forehand (side-arm) throwers.  It’s the popular “speed 12” big brother of the Tesla distance driver.

#8 GStar COLOSSUS by Innova

The Colossus is a new distance driver by Innova that boasts the manufacturer’s first “speed 14” rating. It is also designed to have an understable release to help the slower arms achieve more distance before the final fade.  The player reviews are mixed, with some players saying that they can get an extra 50 feet of distance with the Colossus in hand, while others claim that the driver really isn’t usable to the newer player because you have to throw it so hard to get the desired flight path. That could be said for many of the high-speed drivers in the 14 range. Often you exchange distance for accuracy when you throw a fast disc.  Regardless of opinion, players have been anxious enough to give the Colossus a try that it earned the #8 spot on the best-selling list for the past year.

#9 Star WRAITH by Innova

The Wraith is a well liked, overstable distance driver from Innova that seasoned players love to throw for a nice blend of distance and accuracy.  Like with the Destroyer, the most popular plastic for the Wraith is Innova’s premium Star plastic.

#10 Opto RAKETEN by Latitude 64

The Raketen is a newer distance driver from Latitude 64 that was designed to be less overstable than the other “speed 15” disc from the manufacturer, the Missilen. Apparently that makes it easier to throw for the novice? The disc has an interesting, textured surface that is intended to make the disc faster. But seriously…a “speed 15” disc is a tall order, and though it sold well when initially released, the sales have slowed considerably since the release. When it boils down to it, there aren’t many players that have use for a disc of this nature. It’s more of a case where people pick it up out of curiosity or pure novelty. “I wonder if I can throw this…” Just find a big, open field, and give it a rip! Do I hear a “speed 16” anyone?

Now, just in case you’re curious, here are the discs that hold the #11 through #15 positions:

#11 Icon OUTLAW by Legacy
#12 Champion FIREBIRD by Innova
#13 Blizzard BOSS by Innova
#14 Star VALKYRIE by Innova
#15 Champion TERN by Innova

And if you’re interested in knowing which distance drivers currently have sales momentum, moving up into the higher ranks, selling exceptionally well during the last 90 days, here are some discs to watch out for:

S-Line DDX by Discmania – This thing has sold so well since it was newly released that Infinite Discs has a hard time keeping them in stock. It seems everybody wants one.  The flight ratings on the DDX are almost identical to a Destroyer, but with less fade (fade 2 instead of fade 3).

Tournament (and VIP) DESTINY by Westside – This is another “speed 14” long-bomb disc with an understable release and strong fade. People are getting a lot of distance with the Destiny and the sales are not slowing down.

Neutron VANISH by Axiom – This is one of the latest distance drivers by Axiom and it is a comfortably understable disc, making it workable for many skill levels. It sold very well upon its release and sports the cool, limited edition “1616” stamp.

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  1. Glad the Tern made at least #15. A great disc IMO. Not surprised at most of this list though. Albeit not sure what exactly you based it on?

    regardless of brand loyalty, I think there is a reason most of these made the list though. They all do rock! Destoyers all day baby!

    1. I don’t know how much more obvious they could have been about what they based the list on. Pictures are nice but reading the words is even better!

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