Great Gift Discs for Disc Golfers 2016

As we approach the 2016 holiday season, let’s take a look at some of the discs that would make great gifts for the disc golfers in your life. Of course, even if the occasion is a birthday, an anniversary, or just self-indulgence, these would always be fun discs to add to a bag.

When considering gifts, it is often a good idea to know now recently the item has been on the market. Old favorites are nice, but new adventures are even more unexpected and fun. It is a good idea to find discs that even the long-time disc golfer may not have tried yet. If the disc choice leans toward the old favorites, then it might be a good idea to look for a collectible or flashy edition with a unique stamp, so it stands out as something extra-special.

Discmania DDX in Swirly S-Line plastic:




The DDX is Discmania’s latest distance driver and has been wonderfully received and loved by players. S-Line plastic by Discmania is the same thing as Innova’s Star plastic, since Innova manufactures Discmania discs. However, Innova often doesn’t make their Swirly Star plastic available except as tournament or pro-shop discs. So it’s fun to get this beautiful plastic in popular Discmania molds, like the DDX.  A variety of special stamps are often available as well.

 Discraft Buzzz GT in Cryztal plastic:




The Buzzz GT is a rare Discraft mold that was released in 2007 and then promptly put out of production. It is a unique version of the super-popular Buzzz mid-range, but with a “groove track” on the top plate for the thumb. It makes the grip interesting and the flight a bit more overstable. Infinite Discs made a new run of Buzzz GT discs available in Cryztal plastic in conjunction with the 2016 Ledgestone Insurance Open.  Only 500 of them were produced, and they feature an altered version of the Buzzz bee as a stamp. The disc definitely falls into the collectible and boutique side of the disc spectrum.

DGA Pipeline in Pro Line plastic:



The Pipeline is a new 2016 disc release from DGA that happens to work wonderfully for players at all levels. It is a disc that can be thrown for respectable distances without needing a lot of power. But power players can also use it for a variety of shots that need straight, high-glide flight, as well as for understable anhyzer turns, or for precision upshots. It is the kind of disc that readily finds its way into about any bag, but that has yet to be discovered by the disc golf masses.

Dynamic Discs Justice in DyeMax plastic:



The Justice is a mid-range disc that really stands out, because it is about as “beefy” as they come. It is very overstable and comes in handy when throwing into strong winds, or when you simply need something that turns hard at the end of flight. It fills a niche that is often ignored by players who are very focused on the basics.  But the thing that makes a Justice even more fun to throw is when it comes in full-color DyeMax.  Whether is be colorful patterns, or a cat sitting on a pizza, it brings the player’s game and collection to a new level.

MVP Catalyst in Proton plastic:




In 2016, MVP released a new series of wide-rimmed distance drivers that pushed into the “speed 13” realm. By far, the most popular of those new discs was the Catalyst. It sold so well and so fast that it was quickly released in the popular Proton plastic and with limited edition stamps which make them even more unique and fun. It is an understable distance driver, so it flies wonderfully for those players who don’t throw with a lot of power.

Latitude 64 Gauntlet in Zero Medium Scented plastic:

gauntletThe Gauntlet is a nice new putter from Latitude 64, and almost every disc golfer in the world enjoys trying new putters, usually with the hope that it will revolutionize their putting game.  So, if you want to give a putter as a gift, you might as well make it one that stands out, even before it is thrown. The Zero Medium Scented edition actually has a pleasant strawberry scent to the disc. So, you can sniff-and-throw. It follows in the tradition of a few other scented putters that have been around, like the blueberry scented Pure. Give your disc golfer a sweet scented disc and they’ll certainly be surprised!

TOBU Charge:

chargeIf you really want to shock your favorite disc golfer with a new disc that they never would have expected, then try a Charge by TOBU.  This is a great driver which has on-board electronics that use Bluetooth technology to work with a TOBU smartphone app so that the disc is able to be tracked and located, even in places where other discs would be impossible to find. This is one of the first PDGA approved discs with electronics, so it will not only be useful for immediate play, but may become something of a historical item in the long run as more manufacturers experiment with hybrid electronic discs. With all that in mind, the Charge is still just a great driver that is useful as an overstable fairway driver or a straight-flying distance driver.

RPM Discs Piwakawaka in Atomic plastic:




RPM Discs is a manufacturer from New Zealand, and most players haven’t tried their small, but excellent selection of discs yet. The Piwakawaka stands out first of all because of its awesome, hard-to-utter name, but also because it is a very serviceable mid-range disc. This thing can fly as straight as an arrow and is one of the easier slower-speed discs to control. It’s perfect for players of all experience levels. But what also makes it a great idea is that the plastic is truly beautiful, and the stamps add to the appeal. They have an exotic feel and appearance.

ABC Money in Bronze plastic:




There is always one thing that pretty much everybody loves getting as a gift, and that is MONEY! With that in mind, why wouldn’t a disc golfer want to receive a new putter called “Money”? Not only will it make them smile with the disc name, and with the huge dollar-sign stamp, but it will make them smile because it is actually a very good putter! So, give your disc golfer some Money putters as a gift and watch them cash in!

Legacy Enemy in Sparkle plastic:



Legacy built a lot of hype for the Enemy and it was finally released in 2016. The first edition came out as a limited edition with the 2016 PDGA Amateur World Championships stamp in Sparkle plastic. So, even though it is more pricey, it is a fun, limited edition that can be collected and/or used with a little extra pizzazz.

Discraft Mini Buzzz:




One of the biggest sensations of 2016 was the Mini Buzzz– a miniature version of the classic Buzzz.  Though it is larger than most mini markers, it is large enough to actually fly. No, it is not PDGA approved for tournament play, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun throwing these little things around for 200+ feet on the course! This is one of best novelty discs of the year, and they’ve already become a high-value collectible.

Innova Firebird in Champion Colored Glow plastic:



One of the coolest glow plastics out there is Champion Colored Glow from Innova. It is a colored plastic that also glows very well and is only released in limited editions. The Nate Sexton edition from the Innova pro shop is a really cool edition with a flashy stamp and some great colors. This is a disc that any player would be happy to unwrap as a gift.

Reptilian Disc Golf Tyrant in Armor plastic:

tyrantReptilian Disc Golf is a cool boutique disc golf company that markets “craft discs”.  So, it is quite likely that the disc golfer you love hasn’t tried all of their discs yet. A great one that they would enjoy throwing is the fairway driver called the Tyrant.  In durable, yet somewhat gummy, flexible plastic, the Tyrant is a beefy, overstable disc that can be thrown shorter distances for a controlled turn, or can be ripped at longer distances where it holds a straighter line quite well for strong arms. Plus, the dinosaur stamp is quite impressive.

Nite Ize LED Driver:

niteizedriverIf the longer winter nights are getting in the way of your disc golfer’s game play, then try giving them a disc that has LED lights built into it for night play. The Nite Ize driver, mid-range, and putter all work well, with relatively neutral flight paths that will work for players of all levels. They can be set to stay on a single color, or to rotate through several colors.

This list could, of course, be much longer. But we won’t deprive you of the joy of searching for those truly unique disc ideas. We recommend using the Infinite Discs Advanced Disc Search tool to find unique discs with fun stamps.  One of the secret tools for finding great discs is to use the Advanced Search and then check the “Extras” box and then scroll through the options to find special edition discs. For example, you could then click to look at “Holiday Editions” or “Bottom Stamp” discs, or “Infinite Discs Bomber” stamped discs, etc. Once you decide what you want to search, simply click the “View Individual Discs” button and browse through the results until you see that perfect gift.