10 Best-Selling Putters (2015 – 2016)

We’ve run the numbers on sales through the infinitediscs.com retail store, looking back from April 2015 to April 2016 to discover the best-selling putters. These are the results.

WizardSSS#1  It is no surprise that the best-selling putter is the Gateway Wizard.  The famous Wizard is available in several plastics, one of the most popular sellers being the Super Stupid Soft blend.

However, as 2016 moves on, the Super Stupid Soft plastic type may be challenged by the newest plastics:

The SB or Special Blend plastic has been selling well the last few months.


The Evolution Platinum plastic is the newest 2016 offering, coming very close to a slick feel like Innova GStar plastic.

Another popular plastic is the RFF or Really Freakin’ Flexible

It will be interesting to see if any other putter can dethrone the Wizard as the best-selling putter in the Infinite Discs inventory as the year moves forward.

Here are some of the heavy contenders…

#2  The Innova Aviar continues to be a consistent seller, also offering many plastic types and models, coupled with Innova’s solid marketing and professional support.

#3  Also from Innova is the popular and visually unique Nova putter.



#4  In the number four spot is one of several solid putters from the MVP / Axiom family, the Envy.  The Envy putter is available in several attractive plastic types, with Neutron, Neutron Soft, Plasma, and Proton.



judge#5  Gaining steam in the list of Infinite Disc’s best-sellers is the solid putter from Dynamic Discs, the Judge.  This putter is most popular in the less expensive, softer plastic types like Classic and Prime.


#6  Also gaining momentum in sales is the top-selling putter by Latitude 64, the Pure.  Though very popular in the inexpensive baseline plastic, Retro, it is becoming more popular in the Zero Megasoft which is an extremely flexible plastic that can nearly be folded in half before springing back into shape.  Of course, the Pure is also available in premium plastics.

#7  Holding the number seven spot is the Atom by MVP.  It is available in Electron and Electron Soft.  You’ll notice that “soft” is a recurring theme with putters, which are usually more popular in soft, flexible, pliable plastics with a tacky grip. The Atom falls easily into the soft category.

Colt#8  Innova claims another spot in the top 10 with their newer offering, the Colt.  It is available in three plastic types, including the budget DX plastic, Star, and XT.

#9  From Prodigy, a solid manufacturer with a growing line of discs, we have the PA3 (Putt and Approach #3) which is available in their somewhat cryptic plastic types, 300S, 350G, 400G and 400S.pa3

#10  Rounding out the top ten, we have the Zone by Discraft, which is actually quite different from the other discs on this list. It is very flat with a thick rim and is technically an overstable disc so that it can fight headwinds, which as many players know, can mess up the putting accuracy of the best of players. So, the Zone is designed for less finesse and more shear strength to punch through those rough conditions.  Also, the Zone is different in that it sells more in premium, deluxe plastics rather than the less expensive, softer plastics. People like to get their Zone in solid, heavy plastics like Crystal FLX or Titanium FLX, etc.

zone zoneti

Hopefully this list is helpful in pointing you to some of the best-selling putters with a wide variety of styles and designs. You can play assured that any of these are among the best.

2 thoughts on “10 Best-Selling Putters (2015 – 2016)

  1. About ten days ago I read a different review of the five best putters. (It might have been about what putters the pros use.) Based on that review I purchased two wizards and an Ion from MVP.

    I am buying more Ions. It flies straight. I have used Innova Brdies and R-Pro Aviar, the Omega Super Soft and the wizards, but the Ion works for me. I had been using Sharks to putt.

  2. I love that the Zone made the list of mostly putting putters. I rarely putt with mine (never windy enough to call for it) but I love it for short drives and for both FH and BH upshots, it’s my go to. Flat top, straight wing, and small diameter…It’s just a pleasant disc in hand. One of my favorites.

    (If you can get your hands on one of the Glo Ledgestone runs from the 2016 tourney…the blue one I picked up is one of the strongest glowing discs I’ve had.)

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