Best Overstable Mid-Range Discs (2016)

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In this review, we’re going to take a quick look at some of the most overstable mid-range discs. You’ll find that overstable mid-range discs with the ability to make a sharp turn in a short distance come in very handy in many situations. They are particularly useful when avoiding obstacles in your path, like hooking around a tree or clump of thick vegetation. Instead of aiming through a densely packed fairway, you can shoot around the obstacles using the wider, clearer path.  Sometimes the direct approach isn’t always the best, and you want to fade toward the target from the side. Most of these overstable midrange discs will hold a straight line for a while, depending on the strength of your throw, but eventually will fade hard.

In case you are new to the game, this is how a disc’s fade works depending on your throwing style:

Backhand / Right-handed — Fade to the left.
Backhand / Left-handed — Fade to the right.
Forehand / Right-handed — Fade to the right.
Forehand / Left-handed — Fade to the left.

This list will include some trusted discs that have been around for years, plus some recent releases (click the disc name to see more info on

From MVP there is the TENSOR. A lot of players love this disc for its ability to fight the wind and for it’s reliable, hard-fade at the end of the throw.

From Latitude 64 there is the TRIDENT.  This disc holds a straight line nicely until the velocity drops, then it fades hard for that sudden turn you may be looking for. Unfortunately, it is rumored to be going out of production, so people are snapping them up. It is marketed as a control / fairway driver, but works nicely as a mid-range disc.

From Dynamic Discs there is the JUSTICE.  The Justice is definitely one of the most popular overstable midrange discs on the market. It is a player favorite and top seller because of its ability to withstand winds, avoid flipping over, and always fading hard.

From Discraft there is the DRONE. The Drone has been a personal favorite of mine for years. Though maybe not the best wind-fighting disc, it is extremely reliable when it comes to making a turn around obstacles. It is my personal, go-to overstable midrange when I need predictability.

From Discmania there is the MD3.  Though not as overstable as some of the other discs on this list, it is a solid mid-range and is a favorite for those needing a consistent turn.

From Innova there is the ROC.  Let’s face it, Innova is a very popular brand, so there are a lot of players throwing a Roc for their overstable mid-range needs. The Roc can fly straight if you release it just right, but it has the expected fade at the end.  Again, it isn’t the most overstable disc on this list, but as a popular staple in many player’s bags, it earns a solid place on our list.

From Westside Discs there is the BARD.  Once again, this disc has a nice, straight flight as long as the velocity holds up, then hits a hard fade once the velocity dies down.  It is very useful for curving around obstacles, and you may even get a nice skip at the end of its flight.

From Legacy there is the GHOST.   Some players like the Ghost as an alternative to the popular Roc from Innova, but it is preferred in the more premium, Pinnacle plastic if you want the hard fade at the end of its flight.  That’s what we’re looking for– a hard, overstable fade.

From Hyzer Bomb there is the MOAB.  Though technically marketed as a control driver, I dare you to get any real distance out of this disc before it makes the turn.  It is one of the most beefy, overstable discs I’ve ever thrown, and it would certainly be a challenge to get it to fly very far before making that sharp, heavy-handed turn.  Sharp turns abound with the Moab, released this year.

From Millenium there is the Sentinel MF.  If you’re looking for a little more distance from your mid-range disc before it hits the fade, a lot of players love this classic disc.

From Gateway there is the Demon.   Though Gateway is most famous for their Wizard putters, they do claim one of the most overstable discs on the market with the Demon.  This disc should provide a very hard fade when you need to get around the obstacle in a short distance.

From Prodigy there is the A1.  Prodigy is becoming more and more popular with skilled players, and they’ve now introduced this interesting line of “A” series discs (A1, A2, and A3).  They are touted as the perfect crossover between a putter and a midrange disc. So, you won’t get a lot of distance with an A1 disc, but you will get a predictable fade.  So, consider the A1 or its brothers for that short shot to the basket when you need to approach from the side and fade into the chains.

Those are some of the overstable midrange discs worth trying out for your disc golfing needs. Feel free to recommend others in the comments!

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