Innova Teebird Review

The Tee-Bird is a stable fairway driver that works well for both backhand and forehand throws. It provides stability and distance, which are important attributes for a good fairway driver. The Tee-Bird has a speed rating of (7), high glide (5), (0) turn, and a moderate fade (2). It is available in the inexpensive DX plastic, as well as the harder, more durable Champion and Star plastics.

The Innova Tee-Bird is a very popular disc because of its consistency. It’s not the fastest or furthest flying disc, but it’s dependable and won’t often turn over out of control and off to the right.  This is a classic old Innova Driver and the standard for disc comparisons. As you play more disc golf you will often hear other players compare new discs as, “it’s like a faster TeeBird” or “it’s not as overstable as a TeeBird.”

Innova Teebird: The Ultimate Stable Fairway Driver

The Teebird’s stability and reliability make it a popular choice among disc golf players. Its stable flight path allows for controlled shots, making it suitable for a variety of fairway drives. The Teebird’s stability also makes it a great disc for windy conditions, as it can resist turning over when faced with strong winds. This stability, combined with its excellent distance potential, makes the Teebird a go-to disc for many intermediate and advanced players.

One specific example of the Teebird’s stability and distance capabilities can be seen in the performance of professional disc golf legends Paul McBeth and Ken Climo. McBeth, a multiple-time disc golf world champion,consistently relied on the Teebird throughout his career when he was sponsored by Innova.  McBeth’s success with the Teebird demonstrates the disc’s ability to perform at the highest level of competition.

The Teebird’s versatility is another key feature that sets it apart from other fairway drivers. When beat in, it excels in straight shots and anhyzer lines, allowing players to navigate tight fairways with accuracy.

When comparing the Teebird to other discs, it can be compared with the Discraft Athena and the Latitude 64 Explorer. These discs share similar flight characteristics and are often used as alternatives to the Teebird. However, the Teebird’s consistency and reputation as a benchmark disc make it a popular choice among players.

In conclusion, the Innova Teebird is an exceptional stable fairway driver that offers stability, distance, and reliability.  Its excellent stability and versatility make it a go-to disc for players of all levels. Whether you’re an intermediate player looking to improve your game or an advanced player in need of a reliable fairway driver, the Teebird is sure to meet your needs.

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