EV-7 Disc Golf Discs

EV7 Disc Golf Putter

EV-7 is an interesting disc golf brand.

While the focus of most disc golf companies is to make a full bag of discs for their sponsored players, EV-7 makes only putters (at least for now, we’ll see if that business model changes in the future). The idea is that by focusing only on putters they will be able to develop the best putting plastic blends and will be able to make some really if they make some really good putters.

As a brand new company, EV-7 made a big splash on the disc golf scene by signing professional disc golfers like Drew Gibson, Cole Redalen, and Matt Bell.

EV-7 is run by Phil Arthur who is a disc golf hall of famer and was one of the original founders of Prodigy Disc. Somewhere along the lines Prodigy and Phil had a falling away and Phil ventured out on his own to start EV-7. This experience has helped EV-7 to have a head start along the learning curve compared to most new disc golf manufacturers. Thus far, they’ve made some really good putters.

According to their website,

We strive to create the best line of disc golf putters on the market through advancements in design, consistency, durability, and texture and feel.

Plastic Blends

To me, the thing that makes EV-7 stand out is the plastic feel. It really is excellent for putting. They currently have a variety of different plastics ranging from quite soft to mostly stiff. My personal favorite is the OG hard. Normally hard putter plastics are slicker than I like, but EV-7 hard still has a nice degree of tackiness and excellent grip while maintaining a stiff form for confident putting.

EV-7 Penrose

EV7 PenroseThe first  putter released by EV-7 was the Penrose. This was also the putter used by Drew Gibson, a professional disc golfer not known for good putting, when he made his ascension as one of the Top 10 disc golfers in the world.  The Penrose is a bulky feeling putter with a little micro bead. It has a nice flat top to it and adequate stability. This putter is stable enough that it won’t easily turn over, but it’s not so overstable as to not stay straight sufficiently long on those long putts. EV-7 gives the Penrose flight ratings of 2/4/0/2 which seems accurate to me.

The first time I tried the Penrose I was immediately in love and bagged this disc for well over a year. This really is a fabulous putting putter, but also works well for driving and approach shots. While the original, this is also their best selling putter.

EV-7 Phi

EV7 PhiThe Phi is a slightly straighter, less overstable flying putter with a similar feel to the Penrose. Compared to the Penrose, the Phi does not have any kind of bead and has a slightly domeyer feel to it.  EV-7 gives the Phi flight ratings of 3/4/0/1 indicating that this disc has a little bit more speed and less stability than the Penrose.

Personally, I prefer the slightly bulkier feel of the Penrose with the micro-bead, but many will prefer the smoother feel and straighter flight, and additional glide of the Phi.

EV-7 Mobius

EV7 MobiusThe Mobius is a very unique putter and much different than the other existing discs in the EV-7 line. The Mobius has a very square feel to it, and the bottom rim, where I place my index finger, is substantially wider than just about any other putter. The most comparable putter to this disc is probably the Gateway Magic.

In terms of flight, the Mobius is the understable flying putter. This disc excels at anhyzer lines and is perfect for disc golfers who can’t flick well. EV-7 gives the Mobius flight ratings of 2/4/-1/0.

Because the Mobius has such a different feel from most traditional putters, this is a disc I would recommend to someone who is really struggling with their putting. If you’re struggling with your putting, sometimes the best thing to do is try something completely different.  Like the other EV-7 putters, the Mobius is currently available in four different plastic blends.

EV-7 Telos

EV7 TelosThe Telos is the newest addition to the EV-7 line. I was fortunate to get my hands on a prototype version and have spent the last few months testing this fantastic disc out.

The Telos is very similar to both the Penrose and the Phi, and I’m guessing that’s because it is a piece of both of them. The top piece of the Telos is likely the same mold part used for the Penrose while the bottom mold piece is likely that of the beadless Phi. In terms of stability, EV-7 gives this disc flight ratings right between their two original discs at 2/4/0/1.5.

I prefer the feel of the Telos compared with the Phi, but prefer the Penrose over both of them. The nice thing about Ev-7 is that you can’t go wrong with any of their putters because they are all outstanding.

It will be fun to see what EV-7 will come up with next. My guess is they will manufacture a big bead putter similar to a Judge or Wizard and then an overstable approach disc similar to a Harp or a Zone.  You can shop all the available EV-7 products currently available at InfiniteDiscs.com using this link.