Top 10 Disc Golf Starter Sets on The Internet

Best Disc Golf Starter Set

It’s a hobby of mine, something I enjoy doing purely for fun. I seek out various starter sets, purchase them, test them out, and then review them on this blog.

While I enjoy buying and trying out many different starter set options, you probably aren’t interested in spending hundreds of dollars to try them all out just to find the best disc set. Most likely, you’re looking for the best value, so you can simply go out and enjoy the game of frisbee golf.

So, which is the best disc golf starter set available today?

After exploring dozens of different package sets available on Amazon, E-Bay, and, here are my ratings of the 10 best disc golf sets of 2024. The criteria I used to determine the order of this top list are value, plastic quality, and beginner friendliness.

Top Beginner Disc Golf Sets of 2024

  1. Divergent Discs 5 Disc Mystery Set
  2. Doomsday Discs Prepper Set
  3. Infinite Discs Starter Set
  4. Divergent Discs MaxValu Set With Mini
  5. Innova DX Starter Set
  6. Infinite Discs 2 Disc Set
  7. Remix Starter Set
  8. X-Com 4 Discs Bag Set
  9. Latitude 64 Starter Pack
  10. Dynamic Discs Beginner Set

1. Divergent Discs 5 Disc Variety Set

Divergent Disc Golf Set

My top choice for the best disc golf set of 2024 is a newly introduced set this year. This exceptional disc golf set from Divergent Discs scores a perfect 10 for both value and beginner-friendliness. Each of the five discs in this set is available in a superior MaxGrip plastic blend, offering a significant improvement over the basic TPE plastic found in most starter sets. With this set, you effectively receive two additional drivers compared to a standard 3-disc set. Beyond just adding more discs, the exceptional durability of the plastics used elevates this set’s worth significantly.

The five discs in my set are:

  • Nuno Putter: An excellent putter suitable for both throwing and putting. The disc’s material is perfectly suited for putts, offering a dependable tackiness that persists even when the temperature takes a dive.
  • Leviathan Midrange: In my view, this is the best midrange for beginners. It’s incredibly user-friendly for players with low arm speed, maintaining a straight flight.
  • Tiyanak Driver: An outstanding driver for beginners! While it’s a bit too flippy for my arm speed, new players will appreciate a disc that can hyzer flip or turn right when thrown at an outside-in anhyzer angle. Many beginners will find the Tiyanak delivers their greatest distance.
  • Kraken Driver: The Kraken is a versatile all-purpose fairway driver. More stable than the Tiyanak, it’s enjoyable for players of all skill levels. Beginners, in particular, will find it effective for forehand throws.
  • Lawin Distance Driver: The Lawin soars great lengths with ease! It may be slightly too fast for most beginners, but it remains an excellent early distance driver, especially for the more athletic players who can harness its potential immediately.Divergent 5 disc Variety Set profile

The only downside of this packaged set is its variety; you might receive different discs than those in my set. However, Divergent Discs, the brand behind this set, focuses on beginners, ensuring all their discs are beginner-friendly, even if they vary from my selection. With only a dozen total molds, the likelihood of significant variance is minimal.

For five great discs for beginners, you can’t beat this value set. Get it today!

2. Doomsday Discs Prepper Set

Doomsday Discs Prepper Set - Best Value Disc Golf Four disc kit with mini marker

What a fantastic deal!

The 4 Disc Doomsday Prepper Set, priced at under $30, is a real bargain. It includes three premium plastic discs and a mini marker disc in addition to a great putter in a traditional putter plastic. Purchasing these discs individually would likely cost $60, so this set offers significant savings.

The Bleak Putter in the set is a top choice for beginners, known for its straight flight. Also included is the Despair midrange, made from ultra-durable plastic, which boasts a neutral and straight flight suitable for both beginners and seasoned players. Tucked in the set, you’ll also find a handy mini marker disc to practice marking your lie before taking that next throw with the same disc.

While this set offers the best value in disc golf, it doesn’t earn my top ranking due to the driver selection. As an intermediate/advanced player, I appreciate the Cataclysm and Dystopia drivers in the set. They aren’t overly stable or challenging to throw, but they aren’t the easiest for beginners either. Their stability is likely better for sidearm throws, so if that’s your primary throwing technique, this set should be at the top of your list.

If you’re exceptionally athletic, have a forehand dominant style, or possess substantial experience in throwing frisbees, then this is definitely the best disc golf set for you.

3. Best Disc Golf Set: Infinite Discs 3 Disc Starter Set

Infinite Discs - #1 Rated Starter Set

The Infinite Discs 3-disc set earns the #2 spot due to its high ranking across all three of my criteria. In terms of value, the Infinite Set scores a 10. The key difference between this set and most others is the inclusion of the Sphinx driver in durable grade plastic, while drivers in other sets typically come in base plastics. In my view, disc golf drivers should always be purchased in a premium blend plastic, not base plastic. This premium blend also contributes to its high value rating, as this set is priced the same or less than most other quality disc golf starter sets in the top 10, many of which lack any premium plastic discs.

Additionally, the discs in the Infinite set are exceptionally beginner-friendly. For novices, the Sphinx Driver is a gem, effortlessly granting them more distance on their throws than almost any other disc tailored for rookies. Newcomers will find the Anubis midrange disc’s soaring flight effortless to master, mirroring the familiar feel of tossing an Ultimate Frisbee.

The Infinite Discs Alpaca putter is simply one of the best disc golf putters available. This top-selling putter has a neutral flight suitable for new players and is versatile enough to grow with you. Top professional players like Eric Oakley, Nathan Queen, and James Proctor use the Alpaca for putting.

Another great aspect of the Infinite Discs set is that all the discs are made in the USA. If you don’t have time to read the entire detailed blog post covering each of the top starter sets, consider buying an Infinite Set now.

4. Divergent Discs 5 Discs MaxValu Set

Divergnet jDiscs Max Value Five disc set with mini.

While the quality of the discs in the Divergent Disc golf set aren’t quite as good as the Infinite Discs set, you make up for it in quantity. The amazing thing about the Divergent set is that you essentially get five discs PLUS a mini marker disc, for the price of three discs.

For about the same cost as the other major disc golf sets, you get two extra drivers that provide different flight paths for different on course obstacles you will encounter. The five disc set gives you a distance driver that no other starter set comes with. Several of these discs are the same as those in the Divergent Discs Variety Set, only these discs are available in a lower plastic grade.

The Basilisk truly is a one of the kind disc as it is a high speed driver that is designed for slower arm speeds. Many beginners find they can get 50+ feet of EXTRA distance with the Basilisk.

The true beginner will also love the Tiyanak driver for their first few rounds, and as they improve their distance will enjoy the added stability of the Kraken.

The straight stable flights of the Nuno Putter and midrange Kapre are universal, and will remain useful for disc golfers of all skill level. This set with five discs just makes disc golf so much more fun for the exploratory new disc golfer.

5. Innova DX Disc Golf Set

Innova Disc Golf Set- #1 Disc Golf Set in the World

The Innova DX set ranks #4 based on my criteria, as all three of its discs are well-known and very beginner-friendly. The discs in the Innova set are lightweight and have flight patterns suitable for beginners. The Innova Leopard is a subtly long fairway driver that flies straighter than almost any other driver for new players. The Aviar Putter, being the #1 putter, boasts a beautifully straight flight path. Although the plastic quality isn’t as high as the Infinite or Divergent sets, these discs are excellent for beginners.

A significant advantage of the Innova disc golf set over other options is its availability as a well-known brand. You can find the Innova set at almost any Walmart or sporting goods store. If you’re looking to buy a disc golf set in-store immediately, head to your local sporting goods store and look for the Innova Set. I gave this set a “convenience” bonus. However, if you’re planning to make an online purchase, this set would rank lower on my top ten list.

6. Divergent Discs 2 Disc Set

2 Disc Beginner Set

Whenever I introduce new players to disc golf, I typically provide them with just two discs: an easy to throw fairway driver and a putter. Having more discs can be overwhelming for beginners, making it difficult for them to remember the function of each disc and when to throw it, often leading to more frequent errant throws. The primary goal in the initial rounds of disc golf is to learn proper throwing techniques, and it’s much more enjoyable when the discs behave as expected. Juggling a bunch of discs can muddle your learning curve, tossing in twists and turns that might leave you vexed when simplicity would serve you better. This situation might take away the enjoyment and dissuade novices from pressing on in their disc golf journey.

With only two discs in this starter set, I believe it’s a great option for true beginners. It’s not just about the limited number of discs; both discs in the set are exceptional. The Kraken disc provides new players with adequate distance and control in a durable plastic that will hold up over many rounds. The Kraken thrives round after round, crafted from a tough material that’s built to last through plenty of play.

The Narwhal, adept in its role, serves dually as a putter and a midrange disc, offering adaptability on the course. It’s an excellent driving putter with a range almost equal to a midrange and features a nice, neutral straight flight. New disc golfers often don’t realize that putters aren’t just for putting – they can be thrown effectively too. The Divergent Discs Narwhal is suitable for forehand, backhand throws, and works well for short-range putting too.

The final reason this disc golf set ranks so highly on my list is its affordability. The driver alone, justifies the low Amazon price of .99, making the second disc seem like a bonus. At the time of this post, the set is even on sale for just .50! If you’re just starting out on the course, I highly recommend the Divergent 2 Disc Set.

7. Remix Discs Starter Set With Bag

Remix Disc Golf Bag Set

The Remix Disc Golf Bag Set ranks in the top 10 disc golf packs due to its high-quality discs and excellent value, particularly as it includes a disc golf bag in the set! Additionally, it comes with a mini marker disc, which is essential if you ever decide to play in disc golf tournaments.

The discs in this set offer an excellent grippy feel while being highly durable. In fact, of all the starter sets recommend on this list, this is the best set. Even the Juggernaut putter is available in a mid-grade blend that would typically retail for $12+ if sold by a mainstream brand.

In terms of value for the price, this package set is a steal! Here, you get substantially higher quality plastic for the same price as the Innova set. So why does the Remix set only rank #6 on our list of the best beginner sets?

The answer is straightforward. The flight characteristics of these discs are not good for beginners. They simply should not be marketed as a starter set. Luckily for Remix, they partnered with a manufacturer known for quality plastic. However, both the midrange and driver in this set are very overstable and will likely be extremely frustrating for new players. Even intermediate players may struggle to achieve good distance with the Rumble driver, and the Juggernaut Putter tends to fly farther than the ultra-overstable Battleship midrange.

If you’re an intermediate player looking for a bundled package set deal on overstable premium plastic discs, and are in the market for an inexpensive disc golf bag, this set could be worth considering.

If you’re an intermediate player looking for a bundled package set deal on overstable premium plastic discs,  and want an inexpensive disc golf bag try the Remix disc golf set.

8. X-Com Beginner Starter Set

XCom 4 Disc starter set with Fanny Pack Bag.

The X-Com Beginner Starter Set ranks highly for both value and beginner-friendliness. However, its place in my rankings is limited by the quality of the plastic. These discs, made in China, use a base plastic which, while functional for beginners, isn’t the most durable. Particularly, the drivers may not withstand frequent tree hits for long. Nevertheless, for the price and for those new to the sport, this set is a solid choice.

This four-disc set includes:

  • Bennu Putter: An excellent putter and approach disc, perfect for straight flights.
  • Eden Midrange: A slightly overstable midrange, adding welcome versatility to the starter pack.
  • Helios Fairway Driver: An outstanding beginner driver. It’s very understable and easy to throw.
  • Zion Distance Driver: More overstable than what most beginners might need but great for forehand throws and for offering new players a chance to experience different stability.

The bag included with the X-Com 4 Disc set offers a unique take compared to typical disc golf bags. Instead of a typical shoulder strap, this disc golf bag has a distinctive fanny pack design that provides an alternative carrying option. Although it doesn’t quite suit my tastes, this alternative might catch the interest of others seeking a unique carry solution.

9. Latitude 64 Beginner Set

Latitude 64 Beginner Set

The Latitude 64 Starter Pack finishes out the top ten.

While these discs are in a base “Retro” plastic that isn’t the most durable, all three discs are good for beginners, women and children. The Superhero Driver is very good for beginners. In addition to the Superhero, the beginner friendly Pirate midrange and Zombie putter are light weight and offer excellent straight flight paths for players with primitive form. In terms of design for a player before they develop the skills, this one is perhaps the best disc golf set for the true beginner.

The reason the Latitude 64 set doesn’t rank higher is because in terms of value, it lacks. With all three discs in base plastic, it is still priced at least $5 more than the top ranked three disc sets. Nevertheless, if you like the look of these discs, there is no shame in using the Latitude 64 Beginner set as an introduction to disc golf.

10. Dynamic Discs Prime Disc Golf Set

Dynamic Beginner Set with Mini

The Dynamic Discs Prime Disc Golf Set is an adequate set (which is why it made the top 10) it just doesn’t provide the value and isn’t as good for beginners as the top five sets.

Like the Latitude 64 set (Dynamic Discs are manufactured by Latitude 64 in Sweden), all three discs are in the basic Prime plastic. This plastic is probably a little bit more durable than the plastic in the base Divergent and X-Com disc golf sets, but these discs will still show significant wear after the first round.

The reason the DD set does not rank as high as the Latitude set is because none of the discs included are ideal for beginners.  The Judge putter is one of the top selling disc golf putters and is a very good putter for players of all skill level. The Truth midrange is a straight flyer for experienced players, but is too overstable for a true beginner. The same applies for the Escape driver which offers a straight flight for advanced players, but is very overstable for new and recreational disc golfers.

The thing that surprises me is that Dynamic offers some of the best beginner discs on the market. The Deputy is a fantastic understable putter. The Patrol midrange is an excellent understable midrange and one of my personal favorites. The Witness Driver is an easy to throw understable driver that gives new players lots of distance. Unfortunately, these are not the discs used in the Dynamic Discs starter set. Perhaps a future beginner kit will include a more beginner friendly option.

This is still a top 10 option and one to consider especially if you are not a true beginner and want a mini marker disc.

Highlights of Disc Golf Sets that Didn’t make the Top 10

I reviewed a ton of different disc golf sets. Divergent has several other great three disc sets that based on my ranking criteria would have made my top 10 list, but because I already have three Divergent sets I left them off the list and didn’t consider them. Using My Criteria based on the top 20 sets that show up under an Query for “Disc Golf Starter Sets” this is how my rankings ended up for 11-20

11 Discraft Beginner Set
12 Streamline Disc Golf Set
13 Yikun Disc Golf Set
14 Westside Origio Starter Set
15 Prodigy Beginner Frisbee Set
16 Kestrel Set
17 MVP Electron Disc Golf Set
18 DGA Disc Golf Set
19 Viking Discs Frisbee Set
20 1st Disc Starter Set With Bag

And some bonus reviews on a few of these “honorable mention” sets.

11. Discraft Beginner Disc Golf Set

The Discraft Beginner Set didn’t get a higher rating is because while the discs in it aren’t bad, they aren’t exactly the best for beginners. The Surge driver requires a lot more arm speed to achieve the intended flight path than most new players have. Most beginners will simply notice that the Surge fades, fades hard, and likely won’t get as much distance for new players as a more understable driver like the Leopard or Sphinx.

This set would likely be rated #2 on my list if Discraft had used the Avenger SS or Heat driver instead of the Surge. The Buzzz midrange is the #1 selling midrange in disc golf for a reason, and while adequate for beginners, is a little more overstable in flight than I like putting in the hands of true newbies. The good news for those that choose this set is that beginner status does not usually last for very long as players get experience they will learn to love the stable flight of the Discraft Buzzz.

13. Yikun Disc Golf Set

China’s #1 Disc Manufacturer has come a long way in their quality since they entered the disc golf scene in 2014. Unlike most Chinese disc manufacturers, Yikun actually focuses on technology and innovation and is dedicated to growing the sport and making the best discs on the market. Yikun’s plastic quality and consistency has substantially improved over the years and they arguably make some of the best discs on the market. Yikun now manufacture discs for Discmania which is one of the top disc golf brands used by advanced and professional players.

While the Yikun beginner set discs are all in base plastic, this plastic appears to be a newer, slightly more durable, version than the plastic used in the Kestrel set. The Hu driver is a little bit faster than the Kestrel driver, but as an understable speed 8 disc is still excellent choice for beginners. The Kui midrange is a stable flying mid that is probably beyond desired overstability for a starter set. It’s a fine disc, but not the best choice for a starter set. The Gui putter is a little more traditional disc golf putter than the Kestrel lid putter. It is a stable flying putter that will work for beginners.

Overall, the Yikun set is not the best disc golf kit for beginners, but is a solid overall set that is good enough to make our top 10.

16. Kestrel Disc Golf Set

Kestrel is another disc golf brand I had never heard of until I started out my quest to find the best disc golf set on the internet. While the Kestrel brand is unknown by the mainstream disc golf world, their disc golf starter set is a pretty good one. Kestrel discs are made by Yikun discs in China. These discs are good for beginners, but all are in a base plastic that is not quite as durable as the Innova, Dynamic, or Discraft sets. Nevertheless, unless you throw really hard and regularly play disc golf in thickly wooded courses, these discs will probably last you through a disc golf season.

The Kestrel driver is an excellent disc for beginners with a nice moderate width rim and an understable flight path. It is very similar to the Innova Leopard. I really like the lid style putter in this set. The putter is good for beginners and features grooves on the top flight plate which give it a similar feel to an ultimate frisbee. The Kestrel midrange disc is more like a driving putter, but it offers a good stability to complete this as a versatile disc golf set.

The Kestrel set ranks just higher than the #8 Yikun set simply because it offers a little more value. This set comes with a simple draw string bag which is handy for carrying a basic starter set of discs around. If the bag is of no value to you, then I’d actually rank the Yikun Disc golf set below ahead of the Kestrel set.

18. DGA Disc Golf Set – Beginner 3 Pack

The final disc golf set to make my top 10 is the DGA Disc Golf Beginner 3 Pack Set. This set is really similar to the Dynamic Discs Prime set in terms of quality and beginner friendliness. On our comparison chart the DGA set received exactly the same points as the DD set, but we chose to rank it lower simply based on brand awareness. DGA is a lesser known brand than Dynamic Discs kit.

One nice thing about the DGA starter set is that even though the natural flight of the discs in it aren’t the most understable, they are all light weight. All three discs in this set are in the 150 gram weight class, which means they weigh less than 159 grams. While it’s nice for beginners to have light weight drivers and midranges, in my opinion the only reason to have a light weight putter is if you want to use it for playing catch. I think it is much easier to control a heavier putter, especially in windy conditions.

Overall DGA make a solid disc golf set that will prove adequate for new players starting to take up the great game of disc golf.


There are a lot of different disc golf sets available online. As noted in my recent Halex Disc Golf set review, some of them are absolutely garbage. Some like the Kestrel Disc Golf set are decent, and some like the Remix Disc Golf Set have good discs for advanced players, but are just not good for beginners and so should not be marketed as “starter sets.”

While the internet has many good starter sets to choose from, there are also some products listed as disc golf sets that are absolute junk. Unfortunately for my wallet, but fortunately for yours, you don’t have to buy them to see how worthless they really are. These disc golf sets are all made by companies that didn’t do much research before manufacturing their product. Click the appropriate links to read my full reviews on these jokes of disc golf sets.

  1. Franklin Disc Golf Set – Bad discs where the driver and midrange are identical, poor plastic, terrible flight.
  2. Halex Disc Golf Set – Essentially the same as the Franklin discs (pretty sure Franklin copied their mold), with slightly less bad plastic.
  3. ESP Disc Golf Set – Better flight than the Franklin and Halex sets, but still really bad with hard stiff plastic that hurts to throw.
  4. Versus Sports Expert Disc Golf Set – Decent enough discs, but all three are exactly the same.
  5. Disc Eagle Set – Ultra hard plastic, disc molds are better than ESP though.

Do you have a favorite or least favorite disc golf set that you’ve tried? Help out our readers by sharing your opinions and experience in the comment section below.