DMI Sports Golf Discs – Versus Sports Disc Golf Set Review

DMI Golf Discs

Last summer I noticed a new brand of discs got PDGA approved by a company called DMI Disc sports. I immediately did a little research on them to see if these might be the next hit disc golf brand. It turns out that DMI is a company that sells indoor games like billiards equipment, foosball tables and dart boards. They decided to branch out their line, to include some outdoor games too.

DMI Golf Discs

Having experience with discs made as a side project by companies with other specialties (ie Whamoo Frisbee and Aerobie Golf discs), I didn’t exactly jump on the non existent band wagon to test out the new DMI discs.

Versus Sports Expert Disc Golf Set

Almost a year later, I stumbled across the three DMI disc models. They are sold as the “Versus Sports Expert Disc Golf Set.” When opening the package, I initially thought that there was a mistake, and that I accidentally got three different midranges with different colors, rather than the three different disc types. All three discs are very domey with a thin 1.1cm rim and closely resemble the Innova Dart.

The stamp on the discs did indicate that I did indeed receive a driver, midrange, and putter, and the PDGA specs verified that yes the Assault ‘driver’ does have only a 1.1 cm wing, yet is in some way supposed to be better for driving than the disc of the nearly identical mold labeled ‘putter.’

Notice the difference in profiles between the driver and the putter:

DMI Comparison
Okay, I couldn’t figure out why the Assault is aerodynamically better for driving than the Sabotage or Vendetta either.

I finally figured out why one disc was supposed to be better than the other for ‘driving’ vs. ‘putting’ vs. midrange shots, when I watched this informative video:

Apparently, the difference in weight makes the driver better for driving. I’m not sure if the putter or the driver is the heavier of the two, but if you believe it’s a driver, it will be a driver.

You gotta love that the review video made about these discs, doesn’t even show them in flight. I’d be really skeptical, and assume that they are junk, except for the fact that I’ve actually thrown them.

Flight of the DMI Sports Golf Discs

The DMI discs are available in a low grade base plastic similar to Innova DX or Discraft Pro-D. There’s nothing special about this plastic, and it’s definitely not very good. It beats in and nicks up very easily. The mold of these discs does have a bit of has a unique feel though. The inside rim of the Assault driver is very rounded which I fits nicely around my fingers and I find to be very comfortable.

When it comes to the flight of these discs I was unexpectedly impressed. While the driver is definitely not really a driver, it was stable enough to not flip over on me. These discs were incredibly straight flyers, and hardly faded at the end of the flight at all. The smooth release helped me generate excellent spin and these discs really float through the air. When it comes to disc flight, I’d say they are very similar to the Innova Dart (shouldn’t be a surprise as they are shaped like the Dart).

Overall, any one of these discs would make a good one and only disc for a beginner just getting into Frisbee golf. But having a starter set of these discs that are all so similar, is just ridiculous. There is no point of having three discs that do almost exactly the same thing. Unless you really love the Innova Dart and want to try out three additional slight variations, there is no reason to purchase all three of these discs.

The online prices I saw for the three disc set was $30. At this price, don’t even consider buying, unless you just want to try them out or want a good “one disc set” for three different people. There are so many better golf disc starter set options out there. If you can pick up one of these discs for less than $8, they are worth trying, but other than that, don’t waste your time or money.