Ching Golf Discs

Ching is a golf disc manufacturer located in North Carolina. They currently sell six different golf discs, including an overstable distant driver, stable fairway driver, three mid range discs, and a putter.

Ching Velocity Golf DiscChing Discs come in a smooth plastic with bright colors. The discs in my “3 Disc Jam Set” look more like the type of discs you’d throw to dog, than the kind you throw in a chain filled basket. Despite my initial impression, these discs are designed for disc golf, and perform very well.

The unique thing about Ching Discs is that they have multiple locations of indented divots that serve as thumb holes. I like the thumb holes for my back hand throws. All three of these starter discs are very stable, and I was very pleased that the Velocity and Precision went where I wanted them to go.

In addition to the Jam Set, we are also testing the “Supreme Genesis” a highly over-stable driver designed for Pros. For me, throwing this backhand was pretty much worthless as it faded hard core to the left and probably only went 200 feet. For my forehand throw, the Genesis has a place when I want to ensure that my disc curves right. In terms of major fade, this super over-stable disc is comparable with the Discraft Flick, and the Innova Ape.

The results from my first round of disc golf using solely Ching Discs, went very well. The simple, stable discs that come in the starter set did what I wanted them to do — flew straight. For three shots where I wanted a highly over-stable disc, I pulled out the Genesis, and it did what I needed it to do — faded into the side of the hill rather than fall into the deeply wooded forest.

Initially, I didn’t like the Juju putter. It’s flimsier than I like in putters. When I putt, I hold the disc “fan style” and with the Juju I just didn’t have the control I needed to make them go in. During my first test round with my Ching Discs, most of my throws with the mid range Precision landed so close to the basket that I didn’t even have to use the putter. During my second test course with the Chings, I hit two long puts and really started liking the Juju and its thumb grips. It just took a little getting used to.

Ching Jam Bag and Golf DiscsWhile my initial impression of the Ching plastic was that it looked cheap and of low quality, it provides a great grip, and seems to be very tough and durable. The four discs I used held up very well on the rugged Blind Gulley Course. None of them have any notable scratches, dings, or gashes. As time goes on, I guess we’ll see how durable the plastic really is, but from first impression, it definitely appears to be stronger than Innova DX.

The other great thing about Ching is that they also provide some pretty nice disc golf accessories. I have a nice little “Jam Bag” that holds about nine discs and two water bottles (very important for July golfing). Unlike my two month old “Fade” bag that is already worn out, this bag appears to be tougher and more durable. It’s a circular bag that fits the exact shape of golf discs.

The four Ching discs I’m testing give almost everything I want in my Jam bag to be content for a round of disc golf. By adding a slightly over-stable and an under-stable driver to the mix, my new bag will be ready to play just about any Frisbee golf course. The 3 disc starter Jam pack is great for beginners who want discs that will fly accurately and get some distance. Until they get more throwing experience, they won’t really need anything more.

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