Latitude 64 Discs

Latitude 64 is a major disc golf disc manufacturer out of Sweden. They aren’t just a little company with a few discs, but have all kinds of discs to fill your entire bag.

Latitude is the #2 disc golf disc manufacturer in Europe. They currently make 24 different golf discs including: 14 Drivers, 5 Mid Range, and 5 putt and approach discs. They produce disc golf products that they hope will help elevate the sport to new heights

Latitude Disc Plastics

Latitude discs come primarily in two different types of plastic, both durable and of high quality. The gold line is comparable to Innova Star plastic, and the Opto line is like a softer version of Innova Champion plastic. In my initial test throws with Latitude discs I had several discs that hit fences. My Light Diamond actually stuck between two layers of fence and managed to embed right into a sharp barb. I was scared that my new disc would be marred and ruined before I had a chance to thoroughly test it. Amazingly, after lifting the barb up and carefully pulling the disc out of the fence, there is almost no visible scratch.

For their putters, Latitude offers an additional plastic type called their “Eze Line.” In the future they plan to make this plastic available for more discs. Older Latitude putters came in a softer grip or zero plastic that they are no longer making.

Great Beginner Discs

While all the discs Latitude make come in premium plastics, they don’t have any “really cheap discs.” They don’t offer a plastic comparable to Innova DX or Disctaft Pro-D. Due to the higher price point, you won’t find a lot of beginners using these discs, even though Latitude 64 makes what could potentially be the best frisbee golf discs for beginners.

For people learning disc golf, the best discs are light weight under-stable discs. Latitude offers what they call their “Easy to Use” line. This line offers a putter, mid range, and driver designed for people who throw less than 300 feet. I tested out the light weight Diamond Driver and was most impressed. Using a moderate powered controlled back hand throw I was able to get the Diamond to fly for more than 300 feet for two of my first three drives with it. All the “easy to use” discs come in the Opto line, so they are very durable, and less expensive than other Latitude 64 discs.

Initial Impressions

When I initially opened my package with five Latitude 64 discs I was impressed with the feel and apparent quality of these discs. When I took them down to the football field for some test throws, I was not disappointed. These discs felt good, flew accurately, got distance, and landed where I wanted them to.

For someone of my throwing skill level, the Bolt and Flow are excellent drivers that will rank highly in our Distance tests. For beginners, the Light Diamond might be the best back hand driver made for beginners.

The mid range Fuse is a wide diameter, super straight flying disc with very little fade.

The Mercy putter in the EZE line feels like my ideal putter. It is thick, grippy, and firm, attributes I like most in disc golf putters.

From what I’ve seen so far, Latitude 64 makes quality, well performing, disc golf discs. If you’re looking to buy some of these beauties, here are some links to help you get the best discs for the cheapest price.

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  1. RE: “How To Play Disc Golf” video free on You Tube
    My name is Edward Homer and I produced a “How to play Disc golf” video over 10 years ago. Technical consultant was John Anthony and Nick Longo host the 60 min program. I have posted it at my You Tube Channel as a 11 part series. Feel free to link to the Playlist, I think it is an excellent introduction to the game that anybody interested would find useful.

    The program covers the basics as well as some intermediate instruction.
    In the past I sold DVD’s of this program, that market seems to have dried up. So for me, if it helps to drive traffic to my You Tube channel that’s good enough.
    Edward Homer

  2. Ed, thank you for sharing the videos you have recorded. We will be sure to find a place to post those! Perhaps this Latitude 64 page of our site is not the best page to advertise…

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