Innova Krait

From the first moment we began testing the Innova Krait, it was immediately a favorite. The rim is a bit taller than your average disc, allowing you to have a good amount of grip sending more power behind the disc. By the way, this disc is made to be thrown with power.

The Krait flight specifications are 11/5/-1/2, but the disc feels much more stable. The turn and fade with the Krait only show through when the disc is thrown much higher, which is contrary to what the disc is best at – line drives.

Though this disc is rated slightly lower at an 11 speed, when thrown with power behind it, the Krait can fly for hundreds of feet. Unlike many other discs which require just the perfect touch of anhyzer and which creates the perfect s-curve, the Krait is made for strong flat throws which easily stay low, straight, and fast.

With our recent distance testing today, the Krait easily over 300 feet time after time, and even landed over 350 feet on one drive. If you get this disc into the hands of a professional who can slam their the disc forward, 500 feet would not be a surprising number.