Habit and Intervention Discs Reviews – Plastic Addicts

On April 4th, 2016, the PDGA approved the two flagship disc releases by one of the newest disc producers on the market, PLASTIC ADDICTS.  Many new disc makers roll out a putter as one of their first discs, which is often a safe move, since everybody needs putters, and players are often forgiving of a disc that really doesn’t have to do much more than keep a straight line for a few feet.

The HABIT is the new putter by Plastic Addicts, but it actually has a lot to offer as a new putter on the market. HabitI and my coworkers were all very happy with the Habit from the moment we picked it up. It boasts a larger diameter than most putters, and because of that larger diameter it is available in larger weights, some just over 180 grams.  Yet it doesn’t feel overly bulky or imposing. It feels more like…well…a frisbee. It is comfortable in the hand, and the plastic is sturdy, yet flexible.

Once I actually threw the Habit, I knew I’d found something special. This disc flew straight and steady, with a nice glide. It felt as if I didn’t need to focus so much on pushing the disc forward to get any distance. Just a little wrist action and the disc took off like a champ, almost effortlessly for something that seems so large at first glance. I was able to hit some putts from beyond my comfortable range without having to attempt a jump putt.

The Habit can easily be used as an approach disc as well. I did try ripping it as a driver without much luck. Since it is touted as an “understable putter”, it flipped over once any power was applied. But as a putter, it is a true jewel that makes a unique and pleasant contribution to the myriads of putters out there. I am now using the Habit as my go-to putter.

The second flagship offering from Plastic Addicts is an overstable driver called the INTERVENTION. InterventionUpon picking up this new driver, I expected it to feel like Elite Z plastic from Discraft, since Plastic Addicts uses Discraft to manufacture their new discs. However, it felt more pliable and less rigid than Elize Z plastic. Plastic Addicts calls this plastic “Top Line” and I think it has a very comfortable feel that is a nice mix between durable and grippy.  Plus, on the aesthetic side, a good number of the discs have a little sparkle in the plastic, like very fine glitter, giving the discs a subtle gleam.

Once I had the opportunity to throw the Intervention, I quickly found that the disc is exactly as described. It is a driver with a solid fade. It is no doubt overstable. I don’t have the strongest throwing arm, so the disc faded earlier than I would have liked. Other coworkers were able to get more distance, but still with a solid fade. Though I can definitely see uses for such a disc in any bag, I can also honestly say that there are a lot of drivers out there that would fill the exact same purpose. Overstable drivers aren’t a rarity in the market. The Intervention is yet another solid, overstable driver. But unlike the Habit putter, it doesn’t necessarily shine as a unique new contributor. Of course, if you pick it up and you really like the feel of it, and you need a disc with its flight properties, then it wouldn’t be a bad choice.

Speed: 12
Glide: 5
Turn: -1
Fade: 4