How to Get Lowest Priced Disc Golf Discs Online

cheap discsBy far the best way to purchase cheap disc golf discs is to buy them on the internet. Local big box retailers rarely have a good selection, and the prices are much more expensive. Like A LOT more expensive.

One of my local sporting goods stores only offers crappy Aerobie golf discs that do not fly well at all. It’s a shame that anyone would ever be introduced to disc golf with such awful discs. In addition to poor selection, non disc golf specific stores usually charge MSRP retail price. They want $20 for a disc I can get online for $13! And who wants to pay retail when you don’t have to?

Disadvantages of Buying Discs Online

The disadvantage of buying discs online is that unless you meet the minimal quantities for free shipping, you also have to pay for shipping. But, even with the shipping costs, you’re still usually saving money on disc golf equipment compared with the prices of the big box retailers. The other disadvantage is that when buying discs online, you also have to wait a few days before your discs actually arrive in your hand. The big advantage of buying frisbee golf discs online is that you don’t have to leave your home to do it and receiving discs in the mail gives you the Christmas morning feel when you open your mailbox.

Understand Different Plastic Grades

Navigating the pricing and quality of affordable discs online can be challenging. Low prices don’t always equate to high quality. It’s crucial to compare similar products, as not all golf discs are made from the same material or maintain the same standard. The cheapest discs are often crafted from lower-grade plastics that are prone to nicks, warping, and damage. Once compromised, a disc’s flight performance and predictability can significantly decline. Major manufacturers offer various grades of plastic, pricing them according to their quality.

My initial online disc purchase was a learning experience. I chose Innova DX plastic discs, attracted by the brand, yet unaware of the varying plastic qualities. The drivers, although from a reputable brand, were of inferior quality and didn’t endure beyond a few rounds. While base plastic might be suitable for putters and midranges, in my view, it’s inadequate for drivers—except perhaps in situations where there’s a high risk of losing the disc, and you’d prefer not to sacrifice one of your premium ones.

Nevertheless, Innova’s DX plastic is produced by a company specializing in disc golf, ensuring it meets the Professional Disc Golf Association’s flexibility standards

By testing out nearly every disc golf disc I can find, (read my reviews on Emsco Sports, Franklin, Halex, Disc Eagle) there are actually substantially worse plastics. Plastic blends that just plain shouldn’t be used for disc golf.

5 Best Ways to Get Ultra Cheap Disc Golf Discs

1. Buy in Bulk

Bulk 18 disc pack 30 percent off

Numerous excellent bulk package sets are available. Besides the variety of starter sets, you can find complete bulk sets, putter packs, and mystery boxes offering savings of up to 50% off the standard MSRP. For a fantastic selection of discounted disc golf products and the opportunity to purchase discs in bulk affordably, use this link for the lowest priced bulk sets from a reputable online disc golf store.

If you prefer having more control over the selection of your discs, my top recommendation for acquiring inexpensive bulk discs is through Discount Disc Golf’s “make it a bundle” feature. Discount Disc Golf consistently offers the lowest prices online, and if you buy at least three discs, you’ll unlock even more savings.

2. Purchase Flawed Misprints and Factory Seconds

If you don’t mind a little imperfection on your disc, then buying misprints and factory seconds is a great way to save big money in disc golf. Use these links to shop for flawed discs, misprints and factory seconds.

3. Buy on Sale

Disc golf companies often put items on sale because they have a surplus or just want to promote certain discs. Like most things in retail, if you buy them when on sale, you can save some cash on a variety of different brands. Shop on sale discs here. When Infinite Discs has Memorial Day and Black Friday sales, they sell some discs for as low as $4.

4. Shop Lesser Known Brands

Manufacturers such as Innova, Discraft, Dynamic Discs, and Prodigy invest millions of dollars annually in compensating their professional players. On top of paying their pros, these brands also invest big bucks to sponsor tournaments and disc golf broadcasts. To offset these marketing expenses, they need to price their discs higher.

On the flip side, if you’re hunting for deals, those under-the-radar brands are your best bet because they have very little marketing investments. Let me share a few go-to brands that won’t break the bank but still deliver quality:

5. Buy Products at Ultra Low Introductory Amazon Prices

Shopping from newly listed Amazon disc golf products is another savvy approach to snagging discs at bargain prices. The Amazon algorithm favors products with good ratings for higher rankings. Yet, newly listed products lack ratings and need purchases to acquire them. This creates a unique challenge for Amazon sellers: to compete with highly ranked products, they often introduce new listings at significantly reduced prices, sometimes even at a loss, until they garner enough user ratings to establish credibility.

Furthermore, disc golf retailers and manufacturers sometimes accumulate excess inventory on Amazon. If products underperform in sales, Amazon imposes storage fees. To mitigate these fees, companies selling on Amazon are inclined to dramatically cut their prices to clearance levels, aiming to quickly liquidate their stock.

I routinely shop for these “hot new listings” and post about them here. so that you don’t have to spend all the time shopping for these Amazon Deals.

Misprint Discs $3 less than non misprints

Why Amazon, E-Bay, and Walmart are likely NOT the places with the Cheapest Discs

When you manage to snag those ultra-low new product deals on Amazon, the prices are unbeatable. However, for established products—those with numerous reviews—you’re likely to find better deals on other websites.

Selling on platforms like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart Marketplace comes with substantial costs. To turn a profit on an individual disc through Amazon’s Fulfilled by Amazon service (which includes Prime shipping and direct shipment from Amazon warehouses), sellers need roughly a 60% margin to offset fulfillment and shipping expenses (as “free” shipping isn’t actually without cost).

Most disc golf specialty retailers price their products at “Keystone,” or double their wholesale cost. Given that the expenses associated with listing on Amazon can exceed their profit margins, there’s little incentive for them to offer high-quality discs on the platform.

Even if retailers handle fulfillment independently, they’re still subject to a minimum 15% fee by Amazon. Moreover, with Amazon’s generous return policies, the real cost of selling can be even higher. In contrast, disc golf retailers enjoy significantly larger profit margins by selling directly through their own websites, enabling them to offer products at more competitive prices.

Why Amazon Prices May Appear Less

Because of the ultra high profit margin needed to sell on Amazon either:

  1. The discs for sale are made with junky plastic in China by companies that don’t know a thing about disc golf (which is often the case on many Amazon and listings)
  2. The prices on Amazon are more expensive than disc golf specialty companies who only sell GOOD Quality discs.

When you compare apples with apples it’s almost impossible to find an identical disc that is less expensive on Amazon than it is on another website.

So if Amazon can’t provide the lease expensive price on quality discs, how can I get good discs for very little money?

Best Places to Buy Inexpensive Frisbee Golf Discs Online

We’ve done extensive research and here are our top three websites for cheap golf discs:

  3. Innova Factory Store

#1 Low Priced Retailer – Discount Disc Golf

Discount Disc Golf Logo

This website is a fantastic resource if you’re main goal is disc golf bargains. As a legitimate disc golf store, they stock only authentic, high-quality discs from reputable manufacturers, with prices starting as low as $5 each.

Discount Disc Golf presents a different “deal of the day” every day, slashing prices by 60-80% below MSRP. The selection of discs, brands, and products changes daily, offering the opportunity to snag some incredible items at almost giveaway prices if you keep an eye on their offerings.

However, it’s worth noting that DDG’s product selection is somewhat limited. They typically feature the most sought-after molds from well-known brands, but usually in just one or two plastic types. At Discount Disc Golf, the option to select specific weights or colors is not available, and the site doesn’t provide individual photos of the exact disc you’ll receive.

That said, the website shines in terms of user-friendliness and streamlined checkout. Regular Shopify users can even utilize their Shopify rewards for additional discounts. If you’re not set on a specific disc and prioritize getting the best value for your money, Discount Disc Golf is undoubtedly the top destination for the most affordable disc golf discs and equipment.

#2 Cheap Retailer – Infinite Discs


Infinite Discs Logo

If you need a full selection of discs, and want individual pictures of each disc then the least expensive place to buy new discs on the internet is  Infinite Discs is by far the biggest retailer in disc golf and likely get better pricing than most of the smaller companies. For normal inventory, their retail prices are better than most, but you can really save when you shop from their clearance selection, misprints, factory seconds, and on sale discs. These prices are lower than anything on the internet, including Amazon and E-bay. Infinite typically advertises different discs on sale each Tuesday and occasionally announces discount codes in their newsletters and social media.

Shipping on these discs can be free if you spend enough at once. The other great thing about Infinite is that they take pictures of every disc so you can see exactly the disc you will be purchasing.

If you’re not looking for specific discs or flight paths, a great way to get a bunch of premium plastic discs at an inexpensive price is by purchasing a Mystery Box. The package sets Infinite offers gives you 7 different discs (none of which are in a baseline plastic) for less than $10 each.

The best time to get cheap discs from Infinite, is during their annual Black Friday sale. This typically goes from Black Friday through cyber Monday and is the best time to get disc golf savings.

Disc golf is so fun you might as well enjoy it even more by paying as little as possible.

Direct Links for Infinite’s Cheap Discs

#3 Low Cost Retailer – Innova Factory Store

Innova Factory Store Logo

Our third pick for top disc golf retailer is the Innova Factory Store. As the name suggests, this outlet is brand-specific, exclusively offering Innova Discs. The Innova Factory Store mainly markets two types of discs:

  1. Factory Second Discs – These discs are where the significant savings are. Minor imperfections mean big discounts for you. Sometimes you can even get new disc molds before they are available at mainstream retailers.
  2. Pro Signature Discs – Unless supporting professional players is a priority for you, it’s best to steer clear of these. Pro Signature Discs are priced considerably higher than other discs and don’t meet the criteria for “affordable disc golf discs.”

While Factory Second Discs are consistently priced lower than their flawless counterparts, the real savings at the Innova Factory Store come from their flash sales. These limited-time offers are where you can find some truly exceptional deals.

To be alerted of these, be sure to follow this store on twitter.


If you’re hunting for unbeatable disc golf bargains, you need to be looking at the right websites – that’s where the real value lies. While local big box retailers offer limited selections at significantly higher prices, online platforms provide a vast array of options at more affordable rates. However, it’s essential to be mindful of the quality, as lower prices don’t always guarantee that they are good discs.

For those seeking substantial discounts, buying in bulk, opting for factory seconds or misprints, and shopping lesser-known brands can lead to great savings. Amazon’s knack for rolling out deals on new and clearance items, dodging storage fees in the process, opens doors to scoop up discs for cheap. For regular listings, because  the cost of selling on platforms like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart Marketplace leads to higher prices, you will be paying more by shopping on Amazon.

For the most competitive prices and a hassle-free shopping experience, stands out as the premier destination. Snap up daily specials with deep discounts, and enjoy a smooth shopping experience that won’t tie you down in clicks. is your go-to for a comprehensive selection and the ability to view individual disc photos, while the Innova Factory Store specializes in brand-specific purchases, offering unique savings on factory seconds and flash sales. Navigating these platforms with a keen eye for deals will allow you to buy the cheapest disc golf discs online.

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  1. There can be some decent deals on Amazon in decent plastics. I click the “today’s deals” tab and search for disc golf. I just got a Jawbreaker Zone for $10.60 (course I have prime so I don’t pay shipping). A few weeks back I got a lightweight Avenger SS (z plastic) for about the same price. Recently, most of the deep discounts are on a few Yikun discs, but occasionally you’ll get an discraft or innova in there.

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