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Divergent Discs might be the hottest new disc golf brand of 2021. There are dozens of different disc golf manufacturers, but their focus is on professional and advanced players.

This is where Divergent “diverges” from the mainstream focus. Rather than focus on professional players, like everybody else, they focus on the other 90% that play the game.

Two Types of Disc Golfers

There are primarily two types of disc golfers in the world:

  1. Those who live and breathe disc golf.
  2. Those who play occasionally, just for fun.

Type 1 Disc golfers train for disc golf, play in tournaments, own huge bags, multiple accessories, and dozens of discs. These disc golfers are constantly working on their form, practicing their putting, and trying to improve their distance. They belong to disc golf clubs and disc golf is one of, if not, their primary recreational activity. In addition to playing the game, they  also watch disc golf on YouTube and follow their favorite pros on social media.

A type 1 disc golfer buys new discs because they covet plastic. They need backups for their backups, want to support their favorite pros, and buy discs because they might have collector value.

Type 2 Disc golfers think disc golf is fun and play occasionally. Disc golf is only one of many hobbies they have. They typically own only a handful of discs and likely don’t even know that professional disc golf is a thing. Type 2 Disc golfers often don’t realize that there are more than three different varieties of discs, and can rarely throw more than 300 feet — with many being unable to throw more than 200 feet.

A Type 1 disc golfer buys a new disc because they lose one and need to replace it for their next round.

Now, while Type 1 Disc golfers play substantially more disc golf and buy more product, you’re likely to see more type 2 disc golfers at your local course on a Saturday afternoon.  This is the group that Divergent Discs is focused on.

What makes Divergent Different?

Discs Designed for Casual Players

The first thing that makes divergent different is that their discs are designed for casual players. In most instances, when a person plays disc golf for the first time they pick up a driver, aim for their target, and then find that it ends up 45 degrees farther to the left than they intended. This happens because the discs they are using are far more advanced, and too overstable for their skillset. Professional disc golfers of which most discs are designed for can throw a golf disc for more than 500 feet. Divergent Discs are designed for people who throw LESS THAN 300 Feet.

One Quality Plastic

Instead of confusing people with so many different plastic types and prices, Divergent has just one quality plastic. This is an affordable, grippy plastic blend with a durability comparable to the premium plastics of the major manufacturers.

What most new disc golfers don’t know is that the same disc mold in one plastic will likely fly completely differently in another.  This inconsistency can be very frustrating for casual disc golfers.

Divergent’s MaxGrip plastic provides that perfect, go to plastic where you still get the affordable price but don’t have to switch to a completely different version when your disc wears out.

Simple Weight Ranges

Rather than having a full array of weight options for a single disc, all Divergent Molds are found in simple, consistent weight ranges. These are typically moderate weight ranges that are not too heavy or too light for the majority of recreational players.

This consistency in weight is very valuable for when a disc is lost or damaged. Players can know that their replacement will be virtually the same thing.

Simplified Selection of Discs

Divergent has a complete selection of discs designed to meet the need of every shot you will face on the course. Each of the discs is their line is noticeably different. By sticking with the Divergent line, you simply need to add an additional one of their discs to fit the next spot in your bag as your game improves.

Divergent Disc Golf Sets

Divergent has a number of different disc golf sets.  We have been able to test out all of their existing disc molds thus far and are very impressed. As of the date of this publication their are two different disc golf sets on the market. Both of these sets are excellent for beginners, but the discs in each set are very different from one another. This allows you to purchase both sets and get unique discs and a new throwing experience.

Original Set

The Original Divergent Set contains three discs. The Kraken driver is very similar to fairway drivers found in most traditional disc golf starter sets.  This is a low speed, neutral flying driver that is good for beginners.

The set also includes the Leviathan midrange which is ultra understable, thus perfect for true newbies.

The Narwhal putter is different than the traditional putter. This disc is extra domey but is a really straight flyer and excellent for approach discs. The Narwhal is an ideal disc for single disc rounds.

Max Performance Set

The Max Performance set offers three additional discs that work as a stand alone set or that can compliment the Original Set.

In this set, the Basilisk is a true distance driver, designed for beginners. The aerodynamic nature of distance drivers typically requires too much arm speed for beginners, but this is not the case with the Basilisk. As an ultra glidey understable driver, the Basilisk  simply provides new players with more distance. If your max throwing distance is 200 feet with the Kraken, the Basilisk will help you reach 250.

The Kapre midrange in this set is also friendly for new players put provides more stability and a different feel than the Leviathan. The Nuno Putter is a traditional disc golf putter with a flatter top and a nice neutral flight.

StayPut Discs

Have you every played disc golf on a hill?

If so, you likely have experienced the frustration of your discs rolling down the hill giving you a less favorable lie than you previous spot.

The StayPut Alpas is a super soft approach disc designed to “Stay Put” where it lands. Unlike most golf discs, the StayPut line is made out of a silicone rubber. The Alpas is currently the only stay put disc, but we may see a second and potentially a full set in this silicone rubber. Not only is this material super soft, but it is also very attractive in multiple colors.

Future Sets

Rumor has it that Divergent will soon have three new drivers and a complete disc golf set that includes 8 discs and a bag. They will also have a driver expansion set that will include three additional drivers that are not included in either of the 3 disc starter sets.

As more people take up disc golf as a casual hobby, look for the Divergent brand to continue to grow.