Innova Firebird

The Innova Firebird is an overstable distant driver with a lot of fade. Innova gives this disc a speed rating of 9, glide of just 3, no turn, and fade at 4.

When I first read the flight ratings of the Firebird, I thought, “why would anyone want a distant driver that doesn’t glide very far?” When you think driver, you think maximum distance.

Turns out that when playing disc golf there are a lot of shots that you don’t want to go really far, but that you want a strong controlled fade on. For the courses I play, this is more important than max distance. The Firebird is the perfect disc for just that. When you have a big tree directly in front of you, and open air to the right, throw this disc backhand and it will fade right where you need to be. When the opening is on the left, throw it forehand, and your in business.

Innova’s website says that this disc is “designed for professional players.” Perhaps professional players are the only ones that can throw this disc with great distance, but this is a great disc for intermediate players who want the controlled fade without max distance. It is an especially good disc for forehand throws, and is much easier to throw than the Ape.

For the courses I regularly play that require lots of middle distant shots with obstacles, this disc is ideal. My round with the Firebird allowed me to shoot under par as I was able to get several drives within putting distance. My placement wouldn’t have been nearly as accurate had I used more stable discs.

I recommend this disc.

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One thought on “Innova Firebird

  1. Yeah the glide rating isnt great but if you get it in dx plastic its pretty good. Innova says its made for pros but if you are a sidearm player i would reccomend it once you can consistently get a a valkyrie or other slighlty understable 9 speed flying well. you can shape out some nice s-curves with this thing.

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