Innova Champion Krait Review

We just tested the Innova Krait in the “regular” Champion plastic this morning, and were most impressed by the results. The Krait is one of the straightest flying high speed discs that Innova makes. It has a rim width that is optimal size for efficient forehand throws, and is stable enough that it doesn’t “turn” into the ground prematurely with hard snap throws. The Krait is similar to the Innova Viking (another one of our favorite forehand discs), but with more speed.

Innova gives the Champion Krait the following ratings: Speed: 11 Glide: 5 Turn: -1 Fade: -2

After our forehand distance tests, the Champion Krait is currently the second farthest flying disc for forehand drives behind the Monarch.  This includes testing from more than fifty different drivers made by several different disc manufacturers. We are moderate disc golfers, and our best drives typically go between 300-330 feet.

The Champion Krait is a newer disc by Innova, but from one round of testing it is clearly a winner. This is one of the rare discs that was originally created using the newer Blizzard plastic mold. As of right now, this disc is only available in the two Champion plastic molds.

In our experimental throws with the Blizzard Champion Krait we really struggled to get consistent results. The light weight Blizzard disc had a tendency to immediately turn over on me and crash into the ground after about 150 feet rather than levelly fly for 300+.  With the way I throw, the Blizzard disc works for my backhand throws, but for forehand, the “regular” champion plastic disc is far superior.

If you’re looking for a fast, straight flying distant driver that is excellent for forehand throws, consider the Krait. Here are a few links to help you buy this frisbee at the best possible price:

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One thought on “Innova Champion Krait Review

  1. Kraith really has a very good control. It’s considered as a bit worn out Wraith. I totally agree to that.
    This disc can be easily used to unhyzer shots as it doesn’t fade that much even at the end.
    I would say it works very well anything between short 70m to longer 120m drives.

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