Innova Dominator Review

The Dominator is a new high speed distance driver made by Innova. The Dominator has a speed rating of 13, and like most high speed discs, a very thick rim. For such a fast disc, the Dominator was given a relatively low turn (-1) and fade (2) rating. The Dominator will fly far and has a glide rating of 5. This disc is currently available in the Champion and Blizzard Champion plastics, and comes in weights from 155 to 175g.

Like most speed 13 discs, the Dominator isn’t for the average disc golfer. I was really excited to test out the Dominator after my positive experience with the new Krait, which has the same glide, turn, and fade ratings. While I did have some really good throws with the Dominator, my results were really inconsistent and I had a hard time throwing it accurately. The wing length of the Krait is just a little bit to wide for my throwing style.

It doesn’t make much sense, but when I threw the Dominator backhand, it behaved very overstable. I had huge hookshots, and was only able to throw this disc about 250 feet. When I threw it forehand, it behaved very understable and seemed to turnover more easily than a disc with a -1 rating should. While some of my throws recovered from the high speed turn and faded back to the right with an S curve, other throws turned to the left and crashed into the ground without any fade recovery. My test throws were all over the place with this disc. My best forehand drives went 325 feet, but I also had drives of 210, 237, and 265 feet.

If you have big hands, or like golf discs with really wide rims, then you’ll probably really like the Dominator. For pros and super powerful drivers, this is probably an awesome disc for maximum distance. For beginners and average golfers like me, it’s not a disc to get too excited about.

If you’re interested in buying the Innova Dominator, you might as well get one online for the best possible price.

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One thought on “Innova Dominator Review

  1. Loves me some Domination! I don’t have a huge arm (300-350 feet). This disc is less stable than a Boss and Nuke but stable enough to give me some turn and a nice fade almost every time, even in a slight headwind. It gives me more distance than a much lighter Boss because the fade is far less pronounced and I don’t get that big Boss sideways skip. Usually my go to disc and believe me, I’ve tried them all.

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