Innova Vulcan

The Innova Vulcan is one of our favorite speed 13 drivers. It provides excellent glide and distance, (its -4, under-stable turn rating probably has something to do with it, as we aren’t exactly power throwers).

If there is a 13 speed disc that is best for less experienced players, this is it. From our initial distance tests the Vulcan provided the longest average distance for forehand throws. We averaged 12 feet more per throw than the Groove which placed second. Overall though, new disc golfers should stay away from high speed drivers. Performance is much better for discs with speed ratings from 7-10.

Here is a professional review on the Innova Vulcan:

Innova Vulcan Star Distance Disc Golf Driver 2012 – The Vulcan Star Distance Driver from Innova was designed for less powerful players that want to throw the shots of their dreams. Similar in flight to our Katana with less low speed fade. The Vulcan will be available in lower weights for longer shots. With weights as low as 158 grams, there is a Vulcan for everyone. One of our lightest and longest Distance Drivers available in Star plastic. Makes a great long range roller as well. . Model Year: 2012, Product ID: 231098