ABC Discs

abc disc golf

ABC is a small disc manufacturer out of Sycamore Illinois. They currently sell six different discs, three drivers, two midrange discs, and a putter. I was able to experiment with four four of their discs: The Secret Weapon, Flying Squirrel, Mission, and Money Putter. Overall, I was pretty impressed with ABC.

On first impression, ABC discs did not look to be the quality of Innova or Discraft. I think it had something to do with the way the plastic mold seals. There was just a slight line of un-smooth plastic around the rim. The slight plastic blemish almost made the outside rim sharp. After playing a round with these discs I was impressed with the durabilty of these discs, as well as the performance.

The Secret Weapon distance driver is an incredible understable disc. It’s a normal sized disc with a comfortable 1.9cm rim. When it comes to making a driver curve to the right on a backhand throw, I’d say this disc is as good as it gets. A slight anhyzer throw made this disc hold its line for a long time, and then fade back at the end of its flight. And while this is an understable disc, it has a pretty strong degree of fade at the end of the flight. Using Innova’s ratings, this disc would be rated as a 10/5/-3/2.

Another nice thing about the Secret Weapon is that it is possible to make sidearm throws with this disc without it immediately throwing over.

The Flying Squirrel is almost like a slower version of the Secret Weapon. This disc also worked great for anhyzer throws and had some really great glide ability. In my round it had a knack for missing trees. This understable fairway driver would make the perfect disc for beginners.

While I badly missed my first putt with the “Money Putter,” it does have a good soft feel, and was very reliable for me for all my other shots. This disc is slightly overstable, and worked well for long approach shots. In my round, I hardly used the Mission mid range as I liked the money putter and Flying Squirrel so much.

Add an overstable driver to the lineup, and ABC discs will have everything I need to be happy for a round of disc golf.

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