Millennium Astra

The Millennium Astra is quickly becoming one of my favorite distant drivers. This disc just glides, and might get more distance than any other disc I thrown backhand. I haven’t done a lot of measured distance throws with the Astra yet, but my first five test drives with the Astra went about 30 feet beyond my normal throws. In actual disc golf action, the Astra has already gotten me all time best drives on four different holes I regularly play.

Compared with other Millennium drivers, the Astra has a pretty wide wing length. It’s not overly wide like the Nuke or Destroyer, but is a nice comfortable width that allows for maximal comfort, accuracy, and distance.

Millennium Astra The Astra I’m testing is in the Millennium Standard plastic. This plastic is soft and grippy, I’d compare it with Innova Pro plastic, only it’s a little softer and more “rubbery.” My only complaint is that it doesn’t seem to be the most durable plastic, I already have a few small visual blemishes around the rim. I’m pretty prone to throwing discs into rocks, trees, and fences, so question how long this disc will last for me.

Millenium discs don’t have flight ratings, so to get a feel for how they fly, you just have to go out and huck it a few times. For flight characteristics this disc is fast and very stable for a distant driver. It has some turn to it, but pretty minimal fade. I’m able to get some great long, straight drives with this disc. While the Astra is great for backhand throws, I struggle throwing it forehand. Anytime I get a big “snap” on my sidearm release it turns over, heads for the ground and becomes an accidental roller.

When buying a distant driver, the thing you want most is for it to go the distance. After my first few throws with the Astra, I was a believer. If you’re an average disc golf player and want a more distance on your backhand drives, I’d definitely recommend the Astra.

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  1. I resently purchased an Astra in the sparkle quantim plastic. I am a forearm driver. I can’t seem to get the backhand down yet. Anyways, i can tell you that i have had lots of success with this disc since i recieved it.It tends to fly in a good s curve for me off the tee and when a mid just isn’t enough i can make it fly straight then drop to the right to get around things . It has quickly become one of my favorite go to discs.

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