Top 5 Christmas Gifts For Your Disc Golfer

Christmas shopping can be really difficult. It’s not the effort, the money, or the wrapping that makes it difficult, but it’s deciding what to get your loved ones that can cause so much frustration during this time of year. Luckily, we are here to help. Here is our definitive list of the best things to get your disc golfer this Christmas.

1. An Infinite Discs Gift Card

If your disc golfer is anything like me, they like to be able to pick out the weight, color, plastic, and specific look of their disc before they buy it. While we all love the thought and effort that went into you choosing discs for us, it’s a real shame to have to send them back or trade them with someone else for the disc we really wanted. Save you and your disc golfer the hassle and worry about upsetting you, and buy them a gift card for discs on 

2. Load them up with new releases

There are a ton of new discs that came out just in time for Christmas, and Infinite has them all in stock. Check out the Innova Christmas discs, or grab one of the new Warrants from Dynamic Discs. These new discs are great for any disc golfer and look great on Christmas morning. If these don’t catch your eye, take a look at the highest selling discs on Infinite Discs this year by checking out this list. These are discs every disc golfer needs in their bag and can easily be found at

3. A Large Bag and some new discs

Every disc golfer could use a new bag from time to time. Bags get a lot of use, and the right bag can save your disc golfer from achy backs and arms and tired shoulders. You can find all kinds of bags on the website, but what we most recommend is the Infinite Large Bag with a set of backpack straps. This bag is economically priced while still maintaining its high quality. Throwing in the backpack straps makes it easy and enjoyable to carry around. Throwing in some extra discs is sure to bring an extra smile upon opening.

4. An Infinite Deals Box

One of the best deals around, an Infinite Deals Box comes with 7 discs from various brand with putters, mid-ranges, and drivers already in the bag. If it seems like your disc golfer has everything, buy them one of these and let them try out some new stuff. It’s a great and economical way to get a lot of discs for a low price.

5. Buy them a putting basket

Really help your disc golfer step up their game with a putting basket for the backyard. Nothing on this list will help them improve more than having access to their own basket all the time. The portable baskets on the Infinite Discs website will allow them to work on many different shots without every leaving the yard.

If you know what you want and it isn’t on this list, be sure to check out for great prices and awesome service on every brand of disc, bag, basket and more.

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