Best Christmas Gifts for Disc Golfers

Christmas season is a beautiful time of year, but let’s be honest–Christmas shopping is really stressful. Luckily, we are here to help. Do you have a loved one who just started getting into disc golf? Or maybe you are shopping for a friend who is a die-hard competitive disc golfer? Maybe your significant other is a disc collector? Whatever the case may be, we’ve got you covered. Here are the best gifts you can get for your disc golfer this holiday season.

Disc Golf Gift Cards

If you are anything like my mom, you might hate giving straight cash or gift cards as gifts at this time of the year because it may feel less thoughtful or special. But if the disc golfer you are shopping for is anything like me, gift cards are the best gift because of the freedom they offer.

This is especially a great option for more experienced or competitive disc golfers because we can be pretty particular about things like the weight, color, plastic blend, stamp design, or even stamp color. There are so many customized options out there for disc golfers, so giving them the gift of freedom to pick out something for themselves could be the best way to make them smile on Christmas morning.

We especially recommend getting a gift card to Infinite Discs. Infinite Discs in the top online disc golf retailer in the world. They have the best prices and ship super-fast, but what makes them the best option for gift cards is their enormous selection. At the time of writing, they have over 100,000 discs in stock. Again, a gift card is the gift of freedom, and that freedom to choose for themselves goes a little further at Infinite Discs.

Disc Golf Mystery Boxes

Mystery boxes have become a holiday staple in disc golf culture. Many retailers take this time to put together boxes of various sizes and price points and offer a killer deal on disc golf discs. The only catch, but it’s an exciting one, is that you have no idea what discs will be inside the box before it arrives.

Mystery boxes are an excellent gift choice for newer disc golfers. Like I covered above, there are so many disc options, and it can be pretty overwhelming for folks who are new to the sport. Gifting a mystery box to a new disc golfer relieves the stress of trying to pick out the right discs and just gives them the chance to try out a handful of brand new discs and maybe find one that they will love forever.

Mystery boxes can also be a solid gift choice for a disc golf collector. Some mystery boxes will guarantee a specific mold or higher disc value, so it can be a chance to get a more valuable disc at a discounted rate.

For mystery boxes we again recommend checking out the variety of options available at Infinite Discs.

Starter Sets

Starter sets are another great gift option for new disc golfers, or even for your friends who haven’t even given disc golf a try yet. Starter sets usually include a driver, a midrange, and a putter that are all beginner friendly. A starter set is all you need to get out on the course. They also make for a solid secret Santa or white elephant gift for your office holiday party as well.

Putter Packs

There is no such thing as too many practice putters for disc golfers, so Infinite Discs a few years back started to offer packs of the same putter in bulk at a discounted price. This gift option is especially great for a disc golfer who is just starting to take the sport a bit more seriously and is looking to start practicing more frequently to improve their game.

Disc Golf Baskets

Speaking of putting practice, if you have a little more cash to spend on your disc golfer, you can’t go wrong with getting them their very own disc golf basket. Portable baskets are perfect for practice putting at home or for taking out to the field to get some field work in. They are also a great option for RV or camping trips so that you can bring a disc golf course with you wherever you go.

Disc Golf Bags

Disc golfers at every level of the game can use a disc golf bag. A small beginner bag is perfect to pair with a starter set gift, and if you are feeling really nice, a new backpack bag for a more dedicated disc golf player is sure to be a hit.

Disc Golf Apparel

This is another safe option for any disc golfer. Maybe you don’t know their preferences well enough to pick out discs or a bag, but a shirt or hoodie that sports a disc golf logo feels like an option that can’t really go wrong.

We hope you found this guide helpful. Happy Holidays from all of us here at Disc Golf Reviewer!