Infinite Discs Czar Review

Infinite Discs is back with a brand new distance driver mold to add to their already impressive lineup. The Infinite Discs Czar was just released in a prototype run and the first stock runs are just around the corner. I got a chance to take a couple different plastic blends of the Czar out for some test flights at the local park. Here is my review!


Flight Numbers: 11/5/-1/3
Max Weight: 175.1gr
Diameter: 21.1cm
Height: 1.7cm
Rim Depth: 1.2cm
Rim Thickness: 2.2cm
Inside Rim Diameter: 16.7cm
Rim Depth / Diameter Ratio: 5.7%
Rim Configuration: 33.25
Flexibility: 9.77kg

The Look

For my test I got a blank gray and purple Swirly S-Blend Czar and a blank green I-Blend Czar. Both discs had a nice shiny finish that was clean and expected from premium plastic discs manufactured by Innova (all Infinite Discs branded discs are manufactured in California by Innova Champion Discs). Per usual, the Swirly S-Blend was especially pretty.

The shape of the disc seems pretty standard for an 11-speed driver. The I-Blend Czar was a bit more domey and had a distinct “pop-top.” The outer edge of the rim felt a touch taller/thicker to me than other driver molds. It looks and feels a bit blunter than sharp like some other drivers can feel.

The Feel

Speaking of the feel of the rim, I thought the Czar felt very comfortable in the hand. The 11-speed rim is large, but not too large like some of the high-speed discs can feel for me. I also think the rim depth is perfect for my hand as I am able to get a nice comfortable and confident power grip with my fingertips on the inside of the rim.

The I-Blend plastic was a touch more grippy and gummy than the S-Blend (as it is designed to be). But both discs offered a really nice feel and flex that seemed perfect for trying to get a strong grip and good distance out of the disc.

The Flight

Going into this test, I was told the Czar was designed initially to be similar to the old Innova TeeRex mold. The TeeRex is known for being a really overstable distance driver. And while I would call the Czar overstable, it definitely didn’t fly like a TeeRex for me. It’s flight actually reminded me more of an Innova Wraith or even the Infinite Discs Emperor.

The Swirly S-Blend Czar flew straight out of the hand before gradually giving way to a reliable fade that was strong but definitely not a “meat-hook” fade I’d expect from something like the TeeRex. If I really cranked on it, I could maybe get a touch of high speed turn out of it, but not much.

The I-Blend Czar was a different story, as I was consistently getting a little bit of turn at the opening of pretty much every throw. That little bit of turn gave me about 25-50+ feet of additional distance than the S-Blend was getting. The I-Blend Czar still had a hard and reliable fade at the end of flight, but it just resisted the fade for a bit longer.

The Verdict

If you were hoping for the Infinite Discs Czar to be a real overstable meathook distance driver, you will probably be disappointed at least by this first run of the Czar. But you shouldn’t be too disappointed, because the Czar still provides a really nice flight with reliable distance.

I would highly recommend the Czar in either plastic blend depending on your needs. Go with the Swirly S-Blend Czar if you want something that flies like an overstable Infinite Discs Emperor or Innova Destroyer but with a more comfortable 11-speed rim. But if you are looking to get easy max distance with a little bit of turn, watch for the upcoming release of the I-Blend Czar.

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