Best-Selling Disc Golf Drivers of 2016

Now that we’ve reached the end of 2016, it is time to take a look at the year’s top-selling drivers. These sales figures are taken from the online retailer, INFINITE DISCS and the disc molds are ranked according to their total sales in all available plastic types.  This list puts the distance drivers and fairway drivers together, so the speed will be listed next to the disc model for clarity. We thought it would be fun to compare all speeds in terms of driver sales. Here is a run-down of the top 30 drivers, in order from top to bottom:

  1. Innova DESTROYER (speed 12)
  2. Innova TEEBIRD (speed 7)
  3. Innova WRAITH (speed 11)
  4. Innova VALKYRIE (speed 9)
  5. Innova TERN (speed 12)
  6. Latitude 64 SAINT (speed 9)
  7. Innova BOSS (speed 13)
  8. Innova FIREBIRD (speed 9)
  9. Latitude 64 RIVER (speed 7)
  10. Discmania DDX (speed 12)
  11. Innova LEOPARD (speed 6)
  12. Innova THUNDERBIRD (speed 9)
  13. Discmania FD “JACKAL” (speed 7)
  14. Innova BEAST (speed 10)
  15. Legacy OUTLAW (speed 12)
  16. Westside DESTINY (speed 14)
  17. Innova COLOSSUS (speed 14)
  18. Innova KATANA (speed 13)
  19. Latitude 64 DIAMOND (speed 8)
  20. MVP INERTIA (speed 11)
  21. Innova ROADRUNNER (speed 9)
  22. Innova SIDEWINDER (speed 9)
  23. Dynamic Discs ESCAPE (speed 9)
  24. Dynamic Discs TRESPASS (speed 12)
  25. Innova MAMBA (speed 11)
  26. Discmania PD “FREAK” (speed 10)
  27. Innova ORC (speed 10)
  28. Discraft NUKE (speed 13)
  29. Innova LEOPARD3 (speed 7)
  30. Westside KING (speed 14)

Honorable mentions go to the next five in line…the MVP Catalyst, Innova TL, Vibram Lace, Prodigy D3, and MVP Volt.

Top-Selling Drivers Charted:

As we head into 2017 it will be very interesting to see which drivers continue to hold high positions, and which newcomers build in momentum through the year. Will Innova continue to hold the majority of top sellers? Or will other brands gain some more headway as the year presses forward? We can’t wait to see!

21 thoughts on “Best-Selling Disc Golf Drivers of 2016

  1. The Westside King is my main driver and it barely made the top 30. I think the newer runs are just getting too understable to be throwable by most players with decent power. It still works for me at high elevation in warm temperatures without wind, but in other conditions they are getting to flippy for me.

  2. Ofcourse the Destroyer is Innova’s best selling disc, it almost the entire team has a Destroyer named after them. First it was the Jenkins Destoryer, then the Feldberg destroyer, then the Anthon Destoyer, then the Brinster Destroyer, etc etc etc.

  3. I only use innova discs. I like the feel and control compared to others. I recently lost my boss and would be amazing if i won one. Thank you

  4. Please keep in mind that this is from one retailer. I would assume the bulk of Dynamic, Latitude, and Westside is sold through Dynamic Discs. Duh.

  5. Bring BACK the Firebird FX… of the best drivers ever – flat and fast and totally controllable!!

    Pay some props to those of us that don’t even KNOW what a Collosus is (yeah, we are old)…..

    Firebird FX for LIFE!!!!! CounselorGriff

  6. So many good choices. I would have to go with the Boss as my most dependable distance driver. Rips through the wind and has a dependable fade. Throw down like a boss!

  7. I played Innova for many years and they make great discs. I’ve played since 1977 and am almost all Dynamic Discs or Triology.
    My favorite is the Destiny and would love to win one but frankly I should go Trespass lol

  8. A little surprised that the Leo was just out of the top ten at number eleven and really surprised that the Lace didn’t make the top thirty.

    1. Personally love the Destiny, King, and the Catapult. But with the King I have to get full weight VIP plastic or it is far too flippy.

  9. I love all destroyer discs under Paul McBeth .. I loves the way destroyer flights ! I hope I won this

  10. King and queen are my two favorite, right alongside the Nuke SS. Can’t ever go wrong with any of these 3!

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