Hot Deals on Amazon Today

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If you’re a bargain hunter and want really cheap discs, check out these deals today.

Reviewer Bait Amazon Deals

For the absolute best deals on, shop using this link. These products are generally newer products where the sellers are encouraging buyers to get reviews on Amazon, or else Amazon items that have a surplus and the seller wants to liquidate to avoid paying Amazon warehouse storage fees.. While you technically don’t have to review them to get this ultra low price, it is the nice thing to do as the sellers themselves are likely losing money off these ultra cheap discs.

Top Deals on Amazon Discs Today

Disc Golf Sets

These disc golf sets have been hand selected because of their ultra low prices. In general buying discs in package sets is a great way to get them for even less money. In some cases, an entire disc golf set is the price of a single disc!


These disc golf putters are sure to provide you with the ultimate value. In disc golf putters should not be used just for putting, but are also great for straight line throwing.


Midrange Discs

Don’t forget about the value of a good straight flying midrange disc. Get a an Amazon deal on one of these here.

Fairway Drivers

Fairway driers are easier to throw for new players and provide more speed and consistency with less end of flight fade. If you want a low price fairway driver, check out one of these.

Distance Drivers

It’s always all about the distance. Getting more distance is one of the most fun parts of disc golf. If you’re looking for a great inexpensive driver, consider one of these deals of the day.

Bags and Other Disc Golf Products

Here are some ultra low price disc golf bags and other prices as found on Amazon today (April 15th, 2022).

Are you interested in FREE Disc golf discs? Check out this article for information on how it’s possible to get golf discs at no cost to you.