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If you’re a bargain hunter and want really cheap discs, check out these deals today (updated November 9th, 2023).

Reviewer Bait Amazon Deals

For the absolute best deals on, shop using this link. These products are generally newer products where the sellers are encouraging buyers to get reviews on Amazon, or else Amazon items that have a surplus and the seller wants to liquidate to avoid paying Amazon warehouse storage fees. While you technically don’t have to review them to get this ultra low price, it is the nice thing to do as the sellers themselves are likely losing money off these ultra cheap discs.

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Surplus Inventory Deals

The second reason some disc golf discs are priced exceptionally low on Amazon is to avoid Amazon storage fees. When selling products Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA), sellers have a limited number of days to sell their products before incurring storage fees—as Amazon profits at each stage of the e-commerce process. Sales in the disc golf industry have significantly slowed since the pandemic boom, leading to an oversupply for many vendors and resulting storage fee penalties from Amazon. To circumvent these fees, disc golf companies choose to sell at a loss which gives you incredible deals.

We will sort the surplus inventory deals by sets and individual disc types below:

Top Disc Golf Deals on Amazon Today

Disc Golf Sets

These disc golf sets have been hand selected because of their ultra low prices. In general buying discs in package sets is a great way to get them for even less money. In some cases, an entire disc golf set is the price of a single disc!

Crown Me Disc Golf Set

Disclaimer: These discs are absolutely garbage, but at $8.50, at least you have something to throw on those water shots and the towel itself is almost worth the cost. These discs are CHEAP, and clearly Crown Me is just trying to liquidate them so that they don’t have to pay storage fees.

Doomsday Discs Prepper Set

The Doomsday Discs Prepper set is an incredible value. It’s four discs, three of which are in premium plastic and a mini marker for less than $30. Great discs and a great price.

Doomsday Discs Rookie Set

Like the Prepper Set, the Rookie set is another outstanding value. One interesting thing is that this set features two different midrange discs, which is unusual for a starter set. If you want to midrange discs, choose this set. Otherwise, I recommend the Prepper Set.

Note. We only recommend discs and sets that we have actually thrown and believe are good. Most of the ultra cheap amazon sets are garbage. And while I am recommending a garbage set this time, it is only because it is SOOO Cheap. You can read our worst disc reviews here!

Best Value Putters

These disc golf putters are sure to provide you with the ultimate value. In disc golf putters should not be used just for putting, but are also great for straight line throwing. These putters are all priced at less than $10!

Divergent Discs Golem

Okay, the Golem isn’t exactly a putter. But this thing is an ideal approach disc. It is super overstable and will not EVER turn over. It’s in ultra soft plastic and stays put. And you cannot beat the price right now! Normally full color Golem’s like this would sell for closer to $20. Clearly, there is an inventory issue with the pizza edition. What a deal!

Divergent Discs Narwhal

$5 for a quality putter. Are you kidding me! And I love this disc. It’s a super striaght flyer. By yourself a stack of Narwhals while you can get them for this closeout price.

UPlay Zeal

$6 for a great putter. Another incredible deal. The Zeal is such a good putter and all purpose disc for beginners. UPlay is literally a company founded on teaching people disc golf. Get this putter while you can at this ridiculously low price. 

Putter Packs

Putter Packs offer an even better value and savings. If you’re looking to really tune in your putting skills, or want to share disc golf with lots of beginners at once, a putter pack is an excellent way to go.

Best Amazon Deals: Midrange Discs

Don’t forget about the value of a good straight flying midrange disc. Get a an Amazon deal on one of these here.

Remix Torpedo

This is a really good midrange in very premium plastic. Less than $10 for a premium plastic disc is a steal. Buy your Torpedo now.

Divergent Discs Kapre

The Kapre is an ultra straight flyer. Great for beginners and advanced players alike. And less than $10 with FREE Shipping.

Finish Line Supra

This is the midrange that professional disc golfer Drew Gibson had designed to fly like a beat in design. The plastic is ultra high quality, and at this price, you need a Supra.

Fairway Driver Amazon Deals

Fairway driers are easier to throw for new players and provide more speed and consistency with less end of flight fade. If you want a low price fairway driver, check out one of these.

Wing It Disc Golf Stratosphere

This is a great flying fairway driver that is versatile for beginners and advanced players alike. It is available in beautiful colors with attractive hot stamps.

Discraft Avenger SS

This is such a good easy to throw driver. It’s a tweener driver for sure and will provide Max distance for some players. What you can’t beat is the price of this one. Just $11 on Amazon! Clearly the FBA warehouse has a surplus of these they are trying to get rid of.

Infinite Discs Centurion

This is such a good true fairway driver. Straight flying and works well for backhand and forehand throws.

Best Deals for Distance Drivers

It’s always all about the distance. Getting more distance is one of the most fun parts of disc golf. If you’re looking for a great inexpensive driver, consider one of these deals of the day.

Divergent Discs Lawin

If you’re looking for more distance, the Lawin might just be the disc you need. This disc goes really far for moderate arm speed players.

Doomsday Discs Pestilence

This is another disc golf discs that goes FAR. It’s not as understable as the Lawin, so if you can already throw for more than 300 feet but are looking for even more distance, try the Pestilence. And, this disc just looks really cool.

Discraft Crank

The Crank is a professional level disc that requires a big arm to get it to do what it is supposed to. But if you do have a big arm and can throw for more than 400 feet in distance.  At this price, you’re going to want to grab a few Discraft Cranks. Normally these things retail for closer to $20 eaach.

Are you interested in FREE Disc golf discs? Check out this article for information on how it’s possible to get golf discs at no cost to you.

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  1. I want to say thank you for this post. I’m a new player trying to accumulate some cheap practice disks and I used this deal (amazon reviewer bait) for the Divergent Glow Set and a single Nuno putter. With the discounts it was only about $6 per disc – hard to beat!

  2. Thank you for the opportunity to review the Infinite Discs Disc Golf Beginner Starter Set and the Viking Discs 8-Disc Set in Armor Plastic – Disc Golf Equipment Bulk Set. I will be posting reviews shortly. So far, the Infinite Discs Disc Golf Beginner Starter Set contains the Sphinx which I really enjoy for a the woodland holes. 🙂

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