Best-Selling Disc Golf Discs of 2017

The 2017 year has come to an end, so it is time to take a look at the top selling discs for the year. The sales figures used to calculate this ranking come from Infinite Discs, so we do not claim that they represent the entire disc golf industry with complete accuracy. However, since Infinite Discs is one of the largest retailers on the internet for disc golf, the sampling from their sales should closely represent disc sales in the general market. This would exclude, perhaps, some of the beginner and basic discs sold in starter sets on websites like Amazon or through big box retailers like Walmart. Thus, this ranking more closely represents discs sold to a more seasoned disc golf player demographic (those who are searching for specific discs to add to their bag).

With that said, let’s look at the top 25 disc models sold through Infinite Discs in 2017:

#1 – DESTROYER by Innova

#2 – P2 by Discmania

#3 – FIREBIRD by Innova

#4 – TEEBIRD by Innova

#5 – AVIAR by Innova

#6 – THUNDERBIRD by Innova

#7 – BUZZZ by Discraft

#8 – JUDGE by Dynamic Discs

#9 – ROC3 by Innova

#10 – WRAITH by Innova

#11 – NOVA by Innova

#12 – SHRYKE by Innova

#13 – WIZARD by Gateway

#14 – VALKYRIE by Innova

#15 – HARP by Westside

#16 – PURE by Latitude 64

#17 – FD by Dismania

#18 – MAKO3 by Innova

#19 – LEOPARD by Innova

#20 – ROC by Innova

#21 – ENVY by Axiom

#22 – WARDEN by Dynamic Discs

#23 – TEEBIRD3 by Innova

#24 – SHERIFF by Dynamic Discs

#25 – TERN by Innova

Now for some interesting observations. It only takes a glance at that list of top 25 best-sellers to see that Innova rules the chart. Out of the top 25 discs, 15 of those spots are held by Innova. In fact, the top 10 only feature two non-Innova discs! A lot of those sales of Innova discs are fueled by their aggressive and very successful professional tour support discs, like the Sexton Firebird, McPro (McBeth) Aviar, Philo and Brinster Destroyers, Big Jerm Thunderbird, etc. Those discs were very hot sellers in 2017, often selling out minutes after being listed online, whether through Innova’s website or the Infinite Discs website. It will be interesting to see how much the professional tour support discs continue to play a factor in the 2018 sales and beyond. Those annual pro shop releases are becoming collector’s items and often fetch high prices on aftermarket collector sites. Those high prices tend to add to the desirability of the discs and make the anticipation even higher for the future runs.

One of the big success stories of 2017 was the P2 putter from Discmania which caught on as one of the most sought-after putters on the market. Discmania had a very hard time keeping up with demand for much of the year. It landed at #2 right behind the Destroyer, which is a great position for a putter. The next putter on the chart is the Aviar at #5, and then the Judge by Dynamic Discs at #8. The Wizard by Gateway has been one of the top-selling putters for several years, and in 2017 it claimed the #13 spot overall.  Another putter which has climbed the ranks in 2017 was the Envy by Axiom which saw its first release on softer Electron plastic in 2017. That helped boost its popularity as both a driving putter, and a putting putter.

The Buzzz by Discraft holds steady as the top-selling mid-range disc. Mid-range discs are often overlooked even though they are workhorse discs in the bag of any serious disc golfer. The Buzzz managed to hang in the top 10 along with the Roc3 by Innova.

Dynamic Discs held onto three spots in the top 25 for 2017, including the Sheriff driver which had a lot of momentum upon its release as a solid distance bomber. But Dynamic Discs saw even better sales with two of their putters, the Judge (at number 8) and the Warden (at number 22), and the newer Deputy missed the chart, though gaining momentum. Other brands hitting the top 25 chart are Latitude 64 and Westside. Some growing brands which missed out of the top 25 were brands like Prodigy, MVP, and Vibram, though they are gaining more notability as their disc catalogs increased and more players became familiar with their quality discs.

It will be interesting to see how sales in 2018 pan out, though we expect to see some of the same, long-standing chart-toppers in there. Still, new discs will undoubtedly appear on the market this year and some may rise to the top.

Once again, sales figures from other individual brands or disc sellers can and will vary. This list represents a snap-shot of the year’s sales through Infinite Discs.