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Disc Golf Disc Reviews

There are many different brands and makes of frisbee golf discs. Which are the best, and which ones offer the best value? We try and provide these answers for you by reviewing as many disc golf discs as possible.

Innova Teebird DX Innova Teebird Review

Innova Teebird Review

The Tee-Bird is a stable fairway driver that works well for both backhand and forehand throws. It provides stability and distance, which are important attributes for a good fairway driver. The Tee-Bird has a speed […]

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20130215 153153 Who Makes The Best Mid-Range Discs?

Who Makes The Best Mid-Range Discs?

Yesterday I did a little study on which manufacturer has the highest rated putt and approach discs. Today, I did the same thing with mid range discs. According to those who reviewed golf discs at

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innova skeeter Innova Skeeter

Innova Skeeter

The Innova Skeeter is a good straight flying mid range golf disc. For the most part it did exactly what I wanted it to do — fly straight and land close enough to the basket

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discraft flick Discraft Flick

Discraft Flick

When they call this disc the Flick, they mean it. If you don’t get a super power wrist snap when you throw the Discraft Flick, it’s not going to get much distance and will quickly

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inova term

Innova Tern

The Innova Tern is a high speed driver with a strong “turn” rating (hence the name, only spelled differently). This disc should has incredible glide, and can give intermediate players some serious distance. Right now

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Dart DX Innova Dart

Innova Dart Featured Disc: Innova Dart The Innova Dart is an accurate, straight flying putt/approach disc. This is one of the BEST discs you’ll ever play with, and the only speed three approach disc that comes

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disc golf distance drivers

The Best Disc Golf Distance Drivers – 2020 Edition

This is a quick look at the best-selling disc golf distance drivers of 2019. Now you can be armed with the most popular discs as we head into the 2020 season. These rankings are based

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Got Beef New Disc Golf Overstable Discs for 2018

New Disc Golf Overstable Discs for 2018

Whether you are a power thrower who needs a lot of overstability to hold your line, or your an intermediate player who wants a great utility disc to fade hard around objects, or to chuck

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