Innova Skeeter

The Innova Skeeter is a good straight flying mid range golf disc. For the most part it did exactly what I wanted it to do — fly straight and land close enough to the basket to give me an easy putt.

The Skeeter is rated as a Speed 5 disc, with a strong glide (5), slight turn (-1), and minimal fade (1).

The Skeeter I used comes is DX plastic. It is nice and grippy and allows for a good accurate release. I had a couple of throws that stuck to my hand and then went errantly to the right. The skeeter is also available in Pro and Star plastics.

I had an excellent first round using the Skeeter, thanks to its consistent flight pattern. My shots with it were very reliable and kept me below Par. If you want an approach disc that will fly straight, there aren’t many golf discs better than this one.

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3 thoughts on “Innova Skeeter

  1. A great beginner disc. My 12 year old daughter uses this as her primary driver and midrange.

  2. This disc probably felt better in my hand than any disc I have ever had. I was really excited to throw it and reaallly disappointed when I actually turned it loose. Super flippy, even when thrown with a hyzer. Picked up a buzzz ti and never looked back. The buzzz is one sweet straight flying disc.

  3. Bought mine in R-Pro to have a mid with great grip for wet/cold conditions. Best grip ever, but alas, it was extremely understable. Even when hyzeflipped it’d need a very strong tailwind to counter the turn. So, in short I agree with both Chad and Jeff; If you have played a bit the Skeeter is probably not for you, as it is *very* understable and better suited for beginners/kids.

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