Discraft Flick

When they call this disc the Flick, they mean it. If you don’t get a super power wrist snap when you throw the Discraft Flick, it’s not going to get much distance and will quickly fade hard into the ground.

The Discraft Flick is a very fast over stable (2.5 on Discrafts Stability rating) distance driver that is designed for forehand/sidearm throwers. Fortunately for me, my most powerful throw is a forearm throw where the bulk of the power comes from the wrist snap. The Flick has a super thick rim, and is one of the flattest golf discs I’ve seen. This frisbee is fun to throw because I can chuck it as hard as I can at high anhyzer angle, and no matter what it will stabilize and then fade to the right (with my right hand forearm throw). When I throw it with a slight anhyzer angle with a nice snap this disc flys straight and fast. From our initial round of distance tests the Flick ranked second for me, trailed only by its brother the Discraft Flash. For Kirk who has less focus on the snap and more on straight flying speed, the results were far less favorable.

If you don’t have a strong forehand throw with a power “flick,” this is probably not a good disc for you. If you do you’ll have a lot of fun and get some serious distance by throwing the Discraft Flick.

Discraft Flick: Distance Testing Results

In the end, the Flick simply is not a far flying disc for an average player. It has huge potential, but requires just the right amount of anhyzer (counter fade) in your throw. The fade which occurs on this disc is so strong that having a consistently distant throw will be difficult.

Discraft Flick: Turn Rating Results

If you are playing a hole where you want to ensure you won’t turn to the left (with a forearm throw), the Flick will all but guarantee that doesn’t happen. This Flick has more fade than any other disc tested to date.
If it was an Innova disc it feels as though it should have a fade rating of 6.

Discraft Flick: Accuracy Testing Results

To this point we do not have complete data to publish any accuracy results for the Discraft Flick.

The Flick Is Best For

This disc then is good for a throw that you’ll need to fade right and make sure it won’t turn over (with a right hand forehand flick shot). The Discraft Flick is completely flat and perfect for throwers that don’t like the inconsistency that comes from domey discs.

Buy the Flick: It is currently available in Elite Z and Titanium plastics. It can be purchased from Infinite discs for as low as $13.99

One thought on “Discraft Flick

  1. This disc is delicious on those dog legs and you can get a good skip when thrown low. Amazing utility disc. Those with power can birdie or eagle “7” holes no problem. This sat in my bag for a long time when I first bought it because of its massive fade… then my strategy developed and now I use this on all sharp hyzer holes. Heard this was a good thumbed/tomahawk disc like the aerobie epic, haven’t really developed that throw yet.

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