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I live in beautiful Cache Valley Utah with my wife and four boys. I've worked as an internet marketing specialist for the last decade. In my free time, I enjoy throwing plastic discs as far as I can, which isn't very far.

Thought Space Athletics Mantra Driver

Thought Space Athletics Mantra Review

I just got done testing the new Mantra driver by Thought Space Athletics. Most people are probably wondering, what is the Mantra, where did it come from, and who is Thought Space Athletics? For the […]

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Obsidian Discs

Obsidian Discs

Obsidian Discs is another European Disc Golf brand whose discs recently hit the shelves in the United States.  Obsidian discs are manufactured in Finland. The company has been around since 2014, but it took pandemic

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Innova Teebird DX Innova Teebird Review

Innova Teebird Review

The Tee-Bird is a stable fairway driver that works well for both backhand and forehand throws. It provides stability and distance, which are important attributes for a good fairway driver. The Tee-Bird has a speed

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20120720 220351 Westside Golf Discs

Westside Golf Discs

Westside Golf Discs is a leading disc manufacturer out of Finland. They currently sell 7 fine discs, most of them drivers. The only non driver among them is a stiff putt/approach disc, the Swan II.

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Thunderbird Real Food Bars

While watching the Disc Golf Pro Tour, I kept seeing signs for “Thunderbird.” Now I know that Innova makes a very popular fairway driver called the Thunderbird, but, that didn’t look like their logo, and

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20120713 214644 Vibram Golf Discs

Vibram Golf Discs

Vibram Golf discs are a bit different than any of the other disc brands we’re testing. The most notable difference is that these discs are made out of rubber instead of plastic. The rubber is

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20130215 153153 Who Makes The Best Mid-Range Discs?

Who Makes The Best Mid-Range Discs?

Yesterday I did a little study on which manufacturer has the highest rated putt and approach discs. Today, I did the same thing with mid range discs. According to those who reviewed golf discs at

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innova skeeter Innova Skeeter

Innova Skeeter

The Innova Skeeter is a good straight flying mid range golf disc. For the most part it did exactly what I wanted it to do — fly straight and land close enough to the basket

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