Wen Jian Disc Golf Set

Wen Jian Disc golf discs

While browsing Amazon for disc golf sets I noticed a new disc golf brand that I’ve never heard of before.

This brand is “Wen Jian,” which based on the name and the price of the discs is obviously a Chinese disc golf brand. Of course I had to try it out.

My favorite Chinese marketing line on the Amazon product description is,

♣ Heavy duty Nylon carry bag with handle, MADE from NON-TOXIC Material: excellent raw material, easy to catch, throw and use.

So, apparently not only is the bag handle made from “non-toxic” material, but it’s easy to catch and throw. You gotta love Chinese advertising. Not only did they describe the “catch” part of their advertising in the bullet point about the bag, but they don’t even realize that golf discs are not meant to be caught. With this ignorant description, my expectations for Wen Jian discs were pretty low.

The image on Wen Jian discs are almost identical to the image on the Innova Aviar putter. Clearly this Chinese brand has no creativity or respect for creative rights, or they may be using the likeness to their advantage by deliberately trying to fool buyers into thinking that these discs are made by Innova.

These discs are super cheap. The question is, are they cheap but still decent, or cheap but junk?

For the price of  one Paul McBeth signature disc you get 6 different Wen Jian discs!

Upon receipt of my package from Amazon it looked like these discs were pretty much the same thing as the Disc Eagle set I reviewed a few months ago. The only noticeable difference was that the plastic on the Wen Jian discs is actually harder.

These discs are stiff as a board and would never pass PDGA flexibility guidelines. But, stiff discs while unsafe are not necessarily bad flyers. In terms of durability, there are also different degrees of base plastic. While none are every very durable, some are more durable than others.

After testing the Wen Jian discs out, it quickly became apparent that they are actually more durable than the disc eagle discs. After a few rounds of disc golf, my Wen Jian discs are still usable. My only advice, is don’t hit anybody with these discs because it’ll hurt. You may also want to avoid hitting trees because the trees lives matter too.


The Wen Jian Driver is a good flying fairway driver with a neutral flight path. It’s maybe a little to overstable for beginners, but is at a stability that makes it usable for all players.


The Wen Jian Midrange is a really understable mid that is great for beginners. It’s much like the Divergent Discs Leviathan, just in a far inferior plastic grade.


The Wen Jian Putter is an ultra domey disc much like the Divergent Discs Narwhal. It’s a good neutral flyer, has good glide, and can be used for all types of disc golf shots. This disc is good for disc golf rounds if you only use one disc.

Overall, the Wen Jian Discs are not bad for the price. Currently, they can be purchased as part of a six disc set with a mini, or a six disc set with a bag. The bag is the same as the Disc Eagle bag and is not exactly great for disc golf rounds, but it works well enough for storage.  In both six disc sets you get two identical putters, two identical midranges, and two identical drivers. I suppose the intent is making this a two person disc golf pack.

I’m guessing these are either made in the same Chinese factory or else a knock off of other Chinese made discs as the disc molds are almost identical. They all fly pretty well. With a good plastic, these could be good discs.

If the only thing you’re looking for is low price. Go for it and buy the Wen Jian discs. These things are cheap, but not terrible fliers. plan to stick with disc golf and will consider one day playing in a tournament but still want cheap discs, then I’d recommend you find a different brand of discs such as X-Com or Divergent Discs that have better plastic and are actually PDGA approved.