How to “Un-Warp” a Bent Disc Golf Disc

Warped Frisbee Golf Disc

Because they are made of soft bendable plastic, disc golf discs can get bent and even warp. Discs often warp sitting in your car, in your disc golf bag, during shipping, or in this case, when my kids used the disc to elevate the Little Tykes playground.

In most instances, you can get them back to the normal circular form by following this one simple tip…

Tip to return golf disc to regular form

Step 1. Place the disc on a flat table with a stack of discs on top

Step 2. Wait a day or so.

I’ve used this “tip” many times before, and unless the flight plate of the disc is extremely puddle top, and extremely concave, it works to fix the disc every time.

However, when I saw the shape of this disc after being smothered by a Little Tykes playground for several days, I didn’t think it had a chance.

My heart skipped a beat in mourning the loss of one of my favorite new fairway drivers, but alas, I had to try to to resuscitate it back to life.

I have a big stack of putters that I use for practice putting in my back yard (subject for another post, but a great way to improve your putting). I placed all the putters on top of the warped driver and placed them on a flat table in the hot August sun. This trick works fine indoors, but the summer heat softens the plastic and helps it to return to form even faster.

I checked back about ten minutes later and it was still very warped, but noticeably improved.

After two hours, the disc was almost back to normal.

The next day, the disc was perfectly circular again and as good as new.

The moral of the story is if you have a beloved disc that appears to warped or damaged, simply set it on a flat table with a pile of discs and everything will be just fine.