Figuring out Disc Golf Flight Paths

Fairway driver understable flight path

The Innova System is a pretty good one for determining approximately how a golf disc will fly. You know approximately how fast it is (Speed), how much it should glide, how much it will turn, and how much it will fade. However, not all the disc manufacturers use this system, and how much difference is there really between a fade degree of 1 and 2?

In some cases, not much at all.

There is a great website out there that really brings to light universal flight paths of golf discs, from all the major brands. I’m not sure how they got the data, but it really is pretty sweet. It doesn’t just give you a number for comparisons, but real data, real numbers for distance, and degrees of turn and fade.

Innova Ratings Applied to Discs of Other Brands

Wondering what Innova flight ratings would be for Discraft, Millennium, Vibram, MVP, Gateway Discs etc? offers Innova style flight ratings for all of the golf discs on their site. Each disc also has the Inbounds flight chart, and related products at that show other discs with similar flight paths.

For example, if you know you like the Innova Wraith, with flight ratings of 11/5/-1/3, you can perform a filtered search to see that the the Discraft Surge has the same flight ratings.


The bottom of each product page, after the reviews, shows some of the related discs based on disc speed and stability. Here are a few discs with flight paths closely related to the Innova Roc:


These are two very useful websites for comparing related discs from different disc golf manufacturers.